Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Your Man Gotta Do With Me?

During lunch yesterday (6/10) I was supposed to buy a watch for my baby cousins grad gift. I say supposed to because I got interrupted by a dude who didn't care whether or not I had a (pretend) boyfriend. As I made my way to the G-Shock counter, I saw that 2 guys were already there checking out the merchandise. They saw me and politely spread like the Red Sea so I could take a look but I could already tell what was gonna happen next:

Him: Hey beautiful, what's your name?
Me: Gail

Him: Nice to me you, my name is Marcus
Me: Nice to meet you Marcus *tries to look really, really interested in a teal G-Shock*
Him: You married?
Me: No *laughs*
Him: You got a boyfriend?
Me: Yes, I'm seeing someone (LIES)
Him: We can be friends though
Me: Yah we can (LIES)
Him: So can I get your number?
Me: My boyfriend probably wouldn't want me giving that out
Him: Why not?
Me: Well, I wouldn't want him giving out his number?
Him: Then how are we gonna be friends?
Me: I'll see you around (LIES). My lunch is over (MORE LIES) it was nice meeting you (he was nice so that part was true)

I walked away wondering 3 things: 1) Shit, now when am I gonna cop that watch? 2) Since when did dudes start asking about marriage? and 3) "What the fuck ever happened to the significance of having a significant other?"

The first 2 were easy: 1) Friday after work and before the game and 2) Since everyone started getting married. But when I got to #3, I felt kinda stumped. Sure, just a few years ago the Dream put on blast how much he loved your girl. But it just seems like men (and I know females is just as skank but I'm only writing from personal experience) care less and less about that "In a relationship" status on Facebook.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned. Or maybe, the title of boyfriend/girlfriend has diminished because the people who hold the title don't value what it means either. Although nothing new, nowadays more than ever, if you ain't married - YOU SINGLE. I guess ... to each their own right? But I figure, why even bother having a girlfriend or boyfriend then? 'Cuz I don't know wth I'll do if I hear, "Naw I'm probably gonna marry her but until then ..." one more time.

I ain't knockin yall, I just watched Get Him to the Greek last night and throughout most of the movie Aldous Snow reiterated how humans weren't meant to be monogomous. But I like the idea of being someone's "girlfriend," (and only his) and that someone being my "boyfriend" (and only mine). I'll always value that relationship, whether the label's there or not, and I hope there's still people out there that feel me on this.

Method Man once said "you don't need no ring to be my wife," so all you Positive K fans please believe that even though he didn't put a ring on it (yet lol) when I say "I got a man," that while he may have nothing to do with you, he got everything to do with why I'm not giving you my number.


First Lady of MADE said...

girrl i wear a ring where my wedding ring is supposed to be for the very reason of booting guys to the curb. but it doesn't work, dudes don't care if you're married either! sad i know

linh said...

Yes, it is quite sad that having a bf/gf means nothing to the single guys/girls looking for their next significant other. It's like they think they're better for us than the one we're currently with...ha!

dre said...

ahh you say it best!

Mouf.Peace said...

@1st lady girrrl that's the price u pay for being YOU. i'd holler at your ring finger wearin ass too haha.

@linh "It's like they think they're better for us" i never even thought about it that way, good point.

@dre thnx! i try girl, i try haha.

My 28 Cents said...

That's pretty sad, I guess things have changed. The first question (from someone with not much to say) used to be "do you have a boyfriend?" Guess folks are skipping straight to marriage.

Yesi Jukebox said...

I feel you on this! People should value their relationships more even if they are just boyfriend/girlfriend..to me that's a HUGE deal.