Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime in the SFC

Nothing quite compares to a San Francisco summer, I promise.

And not because our pool parties are better than those in Vegas. Not because the beaches are more beautiful than Culebra's or the sunsets are more radiant than Kailua's. The days aren't as festive as L.A.'s nor are the nights as caliente as Miami's. And don't tell anyone I said this but - the last summer I fell in love? I was at the South St. Seaport.

But still. Ain't no summer like a SF summer, 'cuz a SF summer don't stop. Sometimes, it barely even starts. With all the bi-polar weather San Francisco is infamous for, it's no surprise to us when it's drizzling during the 4th of July fireworks show or 78º in the middle of November. And that's exactly why nothing compares to a San Francisco summer.

Because although 78º to me ain't hot enough, it's hot enough to jog up and down the Great Highway and collect sand dollars at Ocean Beach. It's the perfect weather to lay in Queen Wilhemina's Tulip Garden and wonder if there's anyone inside the Dutch Windmill. In my opinion, you haven't watched a Giants game at AT&T park unless you can see the sun setting behind a homerun. And since you're already in the neighborhood, you might as well fall in love at Cupid's Span ... 'cuz we can't let the South St. Seaport have all the fun now can we?

Although it's never too cold for ice-cream, 78º is the perfect weather for some Bi-Rite. (Just make sure you eat some spicy shrimp and cheesy grits on the front porch of Front Porch first.) Because a sunny San Francisco day is perfect for playing ball with the boys, and shopping in summer dresses with the girls before getting buzzed off of a pitcher or 2 of sangria from Cha Cha Cha's. Concerts inside Stern Grove and having a picnic in Golden Gate Park. And just about every festival you could think of (North Beach, Cherry Blossom, Filmore, Union St., Haight St., etc. etc. etc.) Fuck yah summer! Backyard barbecues smelling of charcoal, and oysters, and Corona's - oh my! Smashing down 280 with the top down and volume up driving to my moms. Guacamole, Orangina, and watermelon slices by the pool.

And just being with the people you love. In one of the most beautiful cities in the world. On one of the most beautiful days of the summer. I may huff and puff about those misty mornings, but if it weren't for that thick blanket of fog that covered the city last week, I probably wouldn't fully appreciate those sun-rays burning the back of my shoulders this week. In San Francisco, a summer day is almost like finding gold. And we'll give ourselves any reason to go out and celebrate. I tweeted it earlier, but I'll say it again: Cheers to the first day of what I can already tell is going to be an EPIC summer! (I promise ;)

Regardless of where you live, what are your favorite things to do or places to go during the summer?


H said...

Us Filipino girls from the East Coast have always had a Cali girl "stereotype"...I won't say what it is on here but I must say you def prove me wrong haha. I really enjoy reading your blog - sometimes I feel like you're the west coast version of me from the basketball references to Nas quotes. And I NEVER thought I'd say that about a cali girl lol. You can certainly write your ass off! Good shit.

P.S. I fell in love one Summer at South St. Seaport too when I was 17 (ughh). I think your post just made me relive that. Not in a bad way though! Well...not entirely. haha.

Mouf.Peace said...

lol damn girl. well i'm glad i was able to break sum of them. i ain't even gonna be mad about stereotyping, 'cuz shit sometimes it ain't stereotyping - it's true! i need to make a trip back up there soon though, i'm long overdue! and yessss. LOVE south st. seaport always lol.

Anonymous said...

Haha well I'm sure you're already familiar with NYC and have friends here but if you ever need recommendations, I got ya!