Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot Chick of the Day - To Russia With Love (Edited with Boobies)

I was watching a re-run of "Girls Next Door" last night and it just so happened to be the episode where they're casting the 55th anniversary playmate. The winner, and my favorite (Jessica Burciaga and her sexy lil' raspy voice was my next pick!) was Russian beauty Dasha Astafieva. With the exception of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox, I'm usually drawn to Latina chicks but OMG this woman is absolutely GORGEOUS. Actually, now that I think about it, she could look like Adriana Lima and Megan Fox combined, and Angelina in that last flic. Go figure lol.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Help Typhoon Ketsana Victims

Last night I had a dream that me and some of my friends and family went to a resort in Hawaii on vacation. Surprisingly, my grandpa (Daddy-Jorge) was there with me even though he lives in the Philippines. We were all going down to the beach so that I can try scuba-diving for the very first time. Just as we were about to go 2 huge waves crash and reach over the walls of the resort splashing us all. I hung onto a stair railing and was safe. I do not know how to swim. I became a little hesitant, but I was not deterred. We proceeded to go downstairs towards the beach. My Daddy-Jorge stopped by a small store to get some food and I became irritated. I just wanted to go to the beach already and he was taking his precious time. I told him, "Daddy-Jorge ur taking too long, just meet me at the beach." I woke up right after that.

I haven't seen my grandpa in over 3 years. I haven't seen my grandma and the rest of my nuclear family since I was 14, and was actually planning to head out there next year. Whether or not that dream had significance to todays current events or was just a mere reflection of an internal battle I'm struggling with, all I know is my fucking family BETTER BE OK. If u haven't heard there was a flood in the Philippines and parts of the country received a monsoon month worth of rainfall within 6 hours. I am told that my family doesn't live in the affected areas but I won't feel complete until I hear from one of them directly, and I won't feel right until I've donated. If u feel the same, click hear to donate to typhoon victims in the Philippines. And if u can't, is totally understandable, please spread the word (and the link) instead. A little prayer wouldn't hurt either. U ain't gotta be religious, it's ok I won't tell nobody.

Learn waht you can do to help here.

And my ungrateful ass is over here complaining about having to wear a jacket to work today. DAMN.

Wing-Woman 101

I've been told on numerous occasions from my boys that I make an excellent wingwoman. One time, I was even referred to as "bait," and although I don't like being compared to worms and fish guts, I'm gonna take it as a compliment anyway. But it wasn't until my 25th birthday party when my best guy friend got laid instead of me that I finally believed the hype.
Now notice how I specifically say, "from my boys," up there. That wasn't on accident. 'Cuz honestly, my girls got game. They be shootin 3-pointers and on their 2nd free shot while I'm air ballin at the end of the bar still trying to get the damn bartenders attention. I'm pretty much useless. And I'm kinda scared of boys. One time on vacation in NY, I pointed out a guy I thought was cute at the club and when my girl Cathy said she was gonna call him over I almost cried. No, I'm serious - as in I started freakin out and my eyes started to well up. Like I'm allergic to the dick or sumthn.


The role of the wing-woman differs slightly from the wing-man BUT it's still a delicate art nevertheless and just as imperative to a mans chances of leaving the club with someone, or at least someone's number. So after a little Maverick/Goose/Iceman research I have compiled the following tips to being a successful wing-woman.
  • The wing-woman must be attractive. Aye, don't shoot the messenger. But I ain't gonna front, I agree. Fly ass female + mediocre looking dude = "DAAAMN he must lay the pipe good if he's with HER," or something of that nature. And let's face it, nobody wants the Hunchback of Notre Dame hanging on their arm at the club even if they are just an accessory and not wifey. I mean, u wouldn't hang an ugly purse on ur shoulder or wear a busted pair of Js out would u? The only exception to this rule is what I call the Bill Bellamy approach. If yall watched "How to be a Player," then u'll know what I'm talking about.
  • The wing-woman must have an outgoing personality as well. Don't think that just because ur wing-woman is attractive that it's a done deal. Personally, I rather have an "ok" looking wing-woman with a mouth piece than a drop dead gorgeous Helen Keller. Women who aren't insecure are usually drawn to other awesome women, and if they're in a public setting then most likely they'll start chatting it up. Thus, bringing her one step closer to ur homie.
  • The wing-woman, although gorgeous with a dope personality, must NOT be a threat. Sounds like a total contradiction to all of the above don't it? See, this is where it gets tricky and the fine line emerges. Many women are guilty of pullin a, "Why aren't u with "so and so? She's not ugly." God this is so irritating. I got this from every fucking girl my ex roommate used to mess with and from almost every single girl my bff talks to. Usually the answer is 'cuz the women keeps the relationship platonic. Whatever the reason is though, all they need to know is yall AREN'T together. So make sure to strategically let that be known.
  • The wing-woman must have good timing. Know when to intercept and when to back off so the homie can score himself a touchdown. She has to set shit up, but not in an obnoxious, embarassing, obvious way that will send the "mark" running in the opposite direction.
  • The wing-woman must NOT be a hater. ""If u can't fuck a ten, fuck 2 fives."~ Method Man. How many times has a man pointed out a chick he's feelin and their female friend respond with a, "Ehhh she's OK," or a, "Oh hell no," alltogether?! Even when a man knows a women isn't that attractive, long as she breathes, got 2 eyes a nose and a mouth, and a vagina she'll still get a "I'd still hit it." Shit, sometimes depending on the weather they don't even need that! A good wing-woman won't let her boy fuck a 2, but an even better one won't talk shit when her boy's target is a 4 1/2. Find a good balance, and let ur boy have some fun. It ain't u that's gonna be wakin up next to coyote ugly the next morning. Plus, u get to make fun of him afterwards!
  • In the words of my guy bff himself, "My wing-woman gotta act like I fucked her real good one time." LMAO, I'm on bro sister status with this dude so it so ain't happening. It's gross to even pretend. BUT I totally see where he's coming from and why this totally makes sense.

And there u have it ladies and gents, my guide to being a good wing-woman. If there's anything u want to add, please do so. Help me help u. Be a good sameritan and help others get laid. And please, remember this is all in good fun. Don't come at me on some "This is using women as OBJECTS," or, "Not all men are shallow," shit. U've come to the wrong blog with all that stick up ur ass nonsense. I know all of this already ... I just don't care. And I know u shouldn't rely on other people to meet other people, but it's just so much more fun when it's a team effort lol!

A3 Atmosphere Party Pics

Packed house. p.s. the guy on stilts was scary.
The reason I went to the party to begin with ... although they were slackin with the whore-derves.
Me and the Wing-Woman

Stupid Chris tied balloons to us. I don't know why. But I immediately felt like one of htose kids whose parents are too lazy to watch over them and strap a leash onto them instead.
I wasn't drunk, just sweaty ew
Good times!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Say What? - Weekend Recap

  • Breakfast and Bitches - It don't take much to keep me satisfied lol. Today I woke up with the saying, "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey," in my head and started craving eggs, bacon, toast, and OJ immediately after. So I managed to drag my ass outta bed and hollared at Lucky's one time. Granted this is a simple ass meal to make, but I cooked it just the way I like it - eggs nice and runny, toast lightly buttered, turkey bacon soggy but crispy on the outsides, and Tropicana with pulp. I then ate breakfast while watching the E channel. And yes, that's my coffee table filled with video vixens and gossip mags. Anyway, it's laid back mornings like these that make me appreciate being alone.
  • Friday night I attended Atmosphere's A3 1 year anniversary event with the roomy B, Kris, and Cus. I'll be straight up: I wanted the free food and alcohol. They had stilt walkers, lambos parked outside, a red carpet, Juicy Couture "models" in cages, a magician, and a balloon man. Wasn't really my kinda shindig, but I'm glad I came out and had fun ... even though I almost slipped on a piece of lettuce in front of the pizza shop.
  • Dear Abi, u do NOT need a pair of navy, leather ankle boots. I repeat U DO NOT. Love, Abi
  • In either '02 or '01 I bought the wrong lipstick color, MAC's "Underworld," but I kept in even though I was actually looking for a brighter magenta color. Glad I kept it though even if it is like a fafillion years old and I totally shouldn't be using it, but it's the perfect color for fall.
  • I looked at my messy ass room with newly bought clothes still in their shopping bags all over the floor and realized that I've been shopping waaay too much lately. I'm definitely not going to go shopping until I visit Santee Alley when I go to L.A. in Nov. Below, is a Silence & Noise jumper I got at the Urban Outfitters sale for $9.99. SCORE!!! Made me feel a lil' better after buying a new pair of shoes, a leather skirt, a Deena & Ozzy laptop case, 3 shirts ($9.99 each at Urban son!), a necklace, a headband, and 3 pairs of sunglasses. Ughhh, why can't I just be satisfied wearing sweats and beaters everyday, which are my favorite things in the world anyway.
  • Yesterday I had lunch at Barracuda with Aby, Duane, Geli, and Derrik. NTS: I do not like shiso. Afterwards, I got threaded and called it a day. OK, that was boring why did I even include that one here?
  • Operation World Domination has commenced:
  • And now I'm on here listening to Illadelph Halflife while writing a booshit post instead of completing the 3 posts of substance I have in my drafts folder. I should probably clean my room since I only have a few more hours to do so before I hit up Namu with Wileen and Nino for a late, late, late bday dinner. Hope everyone had a good weekend!
  • P.S. I'M SORRY

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Suede Tims on my Feet Make the Cypha Complete aka I DIE pt. 2

One of the few things I do love about the fall/winter weather is being able to put my Tims back in rotation, I have 4 pairs, 1 of which I've worn only once in the entire 5 years I've had them. I am sooo for shame. Anyway, these baby Timberland boots (or Timmy's as I like to call 'em 'cuz I can always find a way to make even the most manliest things sound soft) are kinda killing me with their cuteness right now. Look how tiny they are! My kids are definitely gonna be more fitted than me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009




"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Belle of the Brawl

About 4 or 5 years ago, when I was still in college I remember hanging out with my boyfriend at the time after his shift at Trader Joe's. Knowing my dreams of being in the fashion industry, he told me about how his co-worker's ex-girlfriend was a designer for Rocawear. A few months or maybe even a year later, I attended an event one of my best friends was photographing and purchased a shirt from a streetwear line based out here in SF. When I got home, I visited their website as well as many others. And then after clicking a link of a link of another link, I came across the MySpace profile of a young Filipina woman in her twenties. She was pretty, she was young, had previously worked for Rocawear, currently had her own clothing line, and had recently gotten married. She was exactly where I wanted to be in life. In my eyes, she had it all. And as I skimmed through her pictures I hoped to one day follow in her footsteps ... just in my own pair of stilletos, doing my own hip sway, and to my own beat. I didn't want to be her, I just wanted to be the absolutely best ME I could be.

And this woman inspired me to be just that, which is why I nearly died when my Hayati told me I was officially a writer for the new Twilight fan blog they were both a part of. Like, for serious? I had JUST told her a month prior how this chick was my idol and now we'd be on the same team? I am not worthy lol.

I would've never thought 4+ years ago when I MySpaced this person asking for advice on how to pursue my dreams and how to gracefully face and conquer opposition in the proccess, that I'd be celebrating my 28th birthday with her. It was during this short period of time, as she was doing a phone interview while my hung over ass laid dying in her suite, that I began to realize how hard of a worker she is and that she deserves all the success coming her way. (AND OMG CAN I JUST SAY THAT I AM SUPER EMBARASSED RIGHT NOW 'CUZ I'VE NEVER, EVER TOLD HER ANY OF THIS, AND NOW SHE'S MY FRIEND SO I FEEL LIKE A TARD LOL.) But most of all, outta anyone I know she has the most braggin rights - yet stays humble, at least in front of me lol.

Needless to say, I'm the type that when I have a girl crush, it goes away after I meet them because ... it's just weird to crush on someone u know lol (and no I ain't talkin about that kinda crush slow ur role perverts). So I do not give her nearly as much credit as I feel she deserves for fear of being seen as a groupie, kiss-ass, or even worse name-dropper. But with her dirty-thirty coming up this Saturday and the launch of her new line, "Midnight Riders,"by Hellz Bellz, I feel like it's the best time to do so.

So happy early birthday Lawn, u are an inspiration to women everywhere. Thank u for making me feel less of a cougar when I stare at Taylor Lautner's 8-pack, for the red-velvet birthday cake with no slices or candles that u forgot at the club and I never got to eat (lol), and most importantly, for keeping me motivated. I hope one day I can inspire someone else as much as u've inspired me no homo haha. If it wasn't for you, my blog today would've been about running into oncoming traffic due to being so overwhelmed with life.

And by the way, u never did answer my MySpace message bitch! LMAO.

Yall know the drill, check out Lawn's second fall drop here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Better in Time

Dear Abi,

I'm a 17 year old girl who was hurt terribly by her first boyfriend. I am very confused and I really need advice. Is it crazy for me to still be in love with him, he hurt me really bad but I just can't make myself hate him. The only reason he tried to hurt me worse was because I lied and told him I wanted to hate him so he tried to make that happen. Everyone tells me I would be really stupid to get back with him but they don't understand what we had. If he wanted to get back together I know that I would. We were really happy together and helped each other out. I think my main problem is worrying what my family will think they know how hurt I was after the breakup. Does me wanting him make me weak? Does it make me desperate? Am I stupid for still being totally in love with him? I have tried for five months to get him out of my mind and heart and he just wont leave. So I really need your advice I read what you tell other people and I think you could really help me out.

Helplessly in Love

Dear Helplessly in Love,

It's kind of hard to give you advice without knowing what the cause of the initial break up is so for now I will say that NO u are not weak, NO u are not desperate, and NO u aren't stupid. U are simply - HUMAN. I understand why u told him u wanted to hate him (even though we both know this could never happen), because I find it easier to let go of someone if they've done me wrong as well but as u can see, ur plan somewhat backfired so for future reference be careful what u wish for. Take ur time. 5 months, 5 months, 10 months, a year. Like my girl Rach always says (and I swear I refer to her quote in every other post lol) "progress not perfection." So even IF 2 weeks after u read this u slip and have to start over with the "healing" process, ITS OK. I'm going to assume there's a reason ur friends don't think u should get back with him. Regardless of that, they're just looking out for u and don't want to see u hurt.

I fucking hate references to time but, only time will tell. And how u handle urself during this time is one of the most important things. Give urself time to mourn and be sad but after that, surround urself with people u love that make u laugh and do things that make u happy whether that be play ball or go shopping. When u come back home and ur by urself reality may set in BUT it's better than moping around the entire day. And if all else fails read
this (shameless plug I know. did i really just plug MYSELF on MY OWN BLOG? lol) and at least know that u r not alone and that IT WILL GET BETTER. I want to say ur still young and there's so much more out there for u but I'll prolly get a big "fuck u" in return 'cuz I wasn't tryna hear that shit either when I was 17. So just remember this: ex's are ex's for a REASON no matter how big or small that reason might be. My girl Tee's short but sweet explanation is probably the best: "people break up for 2 reasons: 1. it's not the right time. 2. he/she is NOT THE ONE. when u break it down to something as simple as that it cuts down the tears or the hate."

MAV Show Recap

Like I said in my previous post, I would follow up on Saturday's festivities with a more in-depth blog so here it is!

Lemme get a few things out there first, I am no self-proclaimed fashionista. I've never said I was the steeziest. And as much of a LookBook fan I am, taking pics of myself just to show off my outfit ain't really my thing. Nobody cares and I'm usually rockin jeans, kicks, and a hoody 5 days outta the week anyway lol. AKA I suck at it so I'll leave that to other people and just admire their creations lol. However, I will say this: I ADORE ALL THINGS FASHION. And that means so much more than just, "I love to go shopping." So when Evan asked me to style his shirts for the show just a few weeks ago, I was more than estatic to oblige.

A lot of people think that a t-shirt is just a t-shirt and I agree to a certain extent. There's only so much u can do with it, especially if u can't even altar it by cutting it up or bedazzlin that bitch BUT even just something as simple as tucking or untucking it in can make a big difference. Given the proper adjustments and accesories u can make a "simple" t-shirt look more appealing and that's what I tried to do given what I had to work with. There wasn't really a method to my madness, and per the designers instructions I opted to keep things "clean and simple." I wasn't trying to turn tees into high-fashion, all I wanted to do was show that you can wear a t-shirt with more than just blue jeans and sneakers.

Unfortunately, I only have 1 pic of the actual fashion show but here's a few of the Adapt team with some of the models (heyyy) and makeup artist. All in all it was a good night. All the models were a pleasure to work with! I expected a bigger turnout but the show ran smoothly, I was nice and tipsy, the models looked great, and Goapele was amazing. Me? I'm just glad I was there. Even if people don't think I did a good job, that wasn't the point of this post. The point is I HAD FUN and felt at home. As exciting as it is to be in front of the camera, behind the scenes is where I belong.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Do What You Love and You Will Never Work a Day in Your Life"

It's true. So true. And last night, I was finally able to realize it. The MAV fundraiser fashion show was a success and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it as the official stylist of the night for Adapt Clothing. I'm soooooo tired from being on my feet from 3pm-3am but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The models looked fly, and the show went on without a hitch. I will definitely give you more deets when the pics come in. Thanks Evan for trusting me with your designs, and Kris for suggesting the purple pants lol. I cannot fucking wait to throw my own show soon :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ain't No Future in Your Frontin.

What's more irritating than when one of ur friends breaks up with their wo/man and won't STFU about it? WHEN THEY FRONT ABOUT IT.

Lord almighty can I get a witness?!

Depending on the nature of the breakup one of the following usually happens: 1) Ur friend wallows. Everything from pouring cereal in a bowl to brushing their teeth reminds them of their lost love. They don't want to go out. They don't want to eat. They don't want to shower. OK maybe not the last part, but basically they don't want to LIVE.

Orrr 2) Ur friend becomes bitter. If they're female, they've memorized every line to "Waiting to Exhale," and got that Kelis "Caught out There" full blast on repeat. She is currently conspiring on how to smash their ex-boyfriends headlights in without getting caught. And if they're a dude, they've already gotten shitface at the bar wtih the boys and dropped a "Fuck that bitch, she didn't know how to give head anyway!" He is currently booking a trip to Vegas for the annual Labor Day fuckfest and got a duffel bag full of Trojans ready to go.

Either way they are both talking shit about how much they hate their ex, how stupid they are, and how they'd rather lick the sweat off of a stationary bicycle right after a fat, sweaty person uses it than get back with them.

And even thoughI don't recommend it, this type of behavior is totally fine. It's perfectly normal for one to eat, drink and breathe a breakup right after it happens. I sure did. And even though it can be a bit much and may suffocate the life outta those around u at times, I believe every person is entitled to this mourning time no matter how overbearing it can be. Because I totally get it.

But what I cannot comprehend and refuse to tolerate, is when they talk shit ... and then 30 seconds later step outta the room to answer their ex's phone call. Like WTF?! Just who do u think u are fooling? Everybody knows the "significant other" voice and how even ones demeanor changes depending on who's on the other line. We KNOW u ain't talking to ur mother so just cease por favor! As ur friend, I will base our friendship on ur relationship with ME and not ur girlfriend or boyfriend, but don't get mad at me when I call u out on ur (pls forgive me for quoting Diddy of all people) bitch-assness. 'Cuz that's what a real friend will do instead of blabbin ur biniss to people it don't even concern to begin with.

If u don't want to have to defend ur dysfunctional relationship with ur significant other, then stop talking shit to us about it. Vent about it fine, but to talk shit and then be quick to blast us for simply reiterating what u jsut said is ... for lack of better words, retarded! Because most of the time we go by what YOU tell us. Not inferences we've made. So if u tell us he's an asshole and he hasn't proven it otherwise, we're gonna think he's an asshole.

I'm not an insensitive judgemental bitch, I swear. And I promise only one part of that statement is a lie lol. Sometimes a breakup can make u act totally opposite of the person u are, and make u do things u never in a million things thought u'd do. It's all a part of being stupid in love. Been there, done that. But it's one thing to be a dumb-ass in love and another thing to be a dumb-ass in love that's in denial and lying about it. The former is definitely the norm and somewhat accepted.

So puh-lease ladies and gents. The next time we go to a party and u see ur ex-bf or ex-gf there, u ain't gotta like to kick it. U might as well just say hi, 'cuz we already know ur gonna wind up at their house for the afterparty.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tag - Ur It!

'Cuz when the vampire ref tells u to do something, u do it.

P.S. If your reading this - then I'm tagging you! Don't forget to post ur response in the comment section so I can learn about my YOU!

What is your current obsession? The Sims 3 - guilty as charged!

What is your horoscope and do you relate? Typical Virgo traits are: reliable, precise, observant, skeptical, and helpful. AKA I'm awesome but I'm anal and worry too much. Anyone who was invovled with my "surprise" birthday party can attest to this I'm sure lol.

What are you wearing today? Black high-top ADIDAS, blue jeans, and a grey hoody. God, I am ever so the fashionista.

What’s for dinner? Hopefully something just as good as what I had last night (see previous post).

What’s your favorite decade, fashion wise? I've known this answer since I first watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (and now u know how ancient I am). I adore 15th-17th century fashion. It was so over the top and ridiculous and utterly perfect. It's as if women lived to be fashionable. U know it's serious when what ur wearing makes u pass out. Talk about Fashion victim, ba-dump-bum.

What are your must haves for summer? A nice, natural Maui Babes & SPF50 tan, lip gloss ('cuz that's about the only makeup I can stand under the sun), a bottle of Crystal Geyser, linen tube top dress, strappy flat sandals, my H&M Mickey and Minnie itty-bitty bikini, and a good book.

What would you love to be able to afford? The ability to live comfortably in a house I own, and have the OPTION to give my children anything they want.

What is your favorite piece of clothing from your own wardrobe? I'm gonna cheat 'cuz I can never have just one. At this very moment, the Hellz Top Notch Dress from a few seaons ago, a pair of thrashed skinny jeans, and no, I'm still not over how adorable my F21 hot pink Doc knock offs are.

What is your dream job? To be an awesome wife, an even more awesome parent, and either have my own line of red carpet dresses, be a professional wardrobe stylist, or have Oprah have me as a guest for writing a book that made it into her book club. Shit - ALL OF THE ABOVE.

What’s your favorite magazine? US Weekly (for shame), Nylon, FHM/Maxim/Stuff, and the likes of The Source or Vibe (rip).

What do you consider a fashion faux pas? ED HARDY.

Describe your personal style? I don't really have a set style, and I'm not saying that to sound "cool" either. I just kinda wear anything I like and can fit lol. But I guess if I had to describe it the best way would be to use a quote that's on my blogger bio, "I'm like a pair of Christian Louboutins and fresh out the box Js all in one."

Which Beatle is your favorite? John. Because, I dunno he died and stuff.

What are you proud of? Correctly creating a paypal account yesterday and resisting temptation by x-ing the Urban Outfitters window I had up with 3 items in my shopping cart. Good girl me!

Foodgasm of the Day - Broken Record

I love dressing up like a high-maintenance girly-girl and going to fancy shmancy restaurants, I really do! Shit, I need somewhere to floss all these cute dresses and fierce ass heels I buy and there's only so many weddings I get invited to. But about 19.5 hours of the day, I'm really a hoody and kicks kinda chick. I wish I could look flossy and well put-together all the time but fact of the matter is I have no time. So when my girl Ness took me to Broken Record in the Mission, I felt right at home.

This gem of a dive bar looks like any ordinary, neglected neighborhood bar from the outside. Once u walk in, there's a pool table and remenants of a previously played Beer Pong game. I was already sold right then and there. But if u go all the way down the hall to the back of the building, surprise there's a restaurant with the most eclectic menu (although sparse) and friendliest staff. We originally came for the tiger prawn and avocado sammich, but I'm assuming the switch it up every now and then 'cuz it (along with the fried oyster po'boy sammich) was no longer on the menu. However, the crab and corn fritter with avocado sammich was so it was a go from there.

The rest of the night consisted of silence as we became pre-occupied with the basil aoli spread and bacon fries. YES. I said bacon fries. I was so full from beer and crab fritter I only hate half of my sammich (which still tasted damn good this morning btw) - but u know there's always room for dessert! Just because it sounded interesting I had "The Elvis," which is an ice cream sandwhich made with 2 oatmeal peanut-butter bacon cookies (yes i said bacon again) and homemade roasted banana ice-cream. It was a little weird to taste bacon bits here and there but apparently some people like to have their sweet and salty fix.

I'm pretty sure whatever regulars Broken Record has will hate me for writing this blog, and I can't blame them. I almost wanted to keep it all to myself and my close friends too but as a self-proclaimed food connoisseur I felt obligated to share my findings. Just do urself a favor and save the heels and designer anything for a girls night out 'cuz this is definitely a spot to be one of the boys.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I loved Beverly Hills 90210, absolutely lurrrved it. I had the fattest crush on Dylan McKay and thought his shaved eyebrow was so "hot." LMAO. God I am for shame. Best believe I'm still coppin the entire show on DVD though when I got funds to spare. Anyway, I thought this fashion spread was so fun. Just another reminder of how nothing is original, and almost everything comes back into style. I wish someone had told me this before I threw my Docs away from the 6th grade.

Click this for the rest of the spread,I love "Brenda's" jacket!

Look Out Weekend 'Cuz ...


Please come out and support a wonderful cause in honor of my friend Liss this Saturday at Temple SF.

Then swing by Shine at Minna right down the block!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Simple Life - YouTube of the Day

If video killed the radio star, then technology killed the human brain. I rely sooo much on the internet and my cell phone to communicate with the world that I can't even remember life without it. But as much as I love YouTube, and online banking, and AIM, and of course blogging - I would lurrrve to see the world without any of these technological advancements for an entire week. It's true - we humans are spoiled, and even worse some of us are ungrateful. I don't know who this guy is but I want to shake his hand.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Vlogger

A couple of friends suggested that I try video-blogging, so after I received an email suggesting the same thing I decided to try it out ... and then I remembered why I've never done it to begin with. Quite frankly - I FEEL STUPID. I don't know where to look, what to do or say, and have the attention span of a 9 year old on Christmas morning so shit doesn't pan out the way I want it to. I just don't think I have much on-screen presence aka I'm boring and don't want to torture you guys. However, I do think there are certain instances where it would be more convenient (and hopefully slightly more entertaining) to video blog so I'll be testing it out with my "Dear Abi" responses. And if all else fails, I can always use stuffed animals.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I will NEVER forget.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Underneath it All

For as long as I can remember, women have been intrigued, if not obsessed with makeup.

I remember peering over my moms vanity table when I was little in awe of the spectacle before me. Big, fluffy blush brushes, and tubes of the brightest magenta lipsticks were strewn all over. Then, there were pallettes amongst pallettes of shimmery eyeshadows and chunky electric blue eyeliner pens. Needless to say, it definitely was the 80s.

I believe my very first makeup purchase (actually I stole it from Walgreens, sorry mom!) was a tube of Revlon Blackberry lipstick. And I remember accidentally leaving it in my MOMS WHITE JEANS when they went in the dryer. I spent the rest of the day crying in the bathroom hand washing every stain in the tub. You would've thought I'd given up on makeup by then, but nooooo. In my junior year of hs I was finally introduced to eyeliner and I swore it was the best thing since sliced bread. But it wasn't until just recently, and I'm talking maybe the last 2 years or so that I officially became fascinated with makeup. And while I haven't touched more than half of the shit I've bought, and am wearing absolutely no makeup today (yikes!) - I stay watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Now, for as long as I can remember men have either misunderstood makeup, or hated it alltogether penning Drake's infamous "Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on, That's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong," line as their natural beauty loving creed. And I can definitely see the clout in that, because if I was a dude, the way my woman looks when I wake up next to her in the morning would be a big deal breaker.

But the point I'm trying to make here is unless u look like an entirely different person with and without makeup, I believe it's merely a fun way to bring out the beauty u already hold. We - or at least me and my friends are not trying to false advertise. If u have beautiful hazel eyes, why not wear an eyeliner in a color that makes it pop out even more? And if u have high cheekbones there's bronzers and blushes that can contour them and put even Cher to shame. I know all of that sounds like a foreign language to most dudes but in other words: I think most women use makeup to emphasize the pretty features they already have.

So now that I've attempted to clarify that misunderstanding, I'd like to hear a guys perspective on the whole "i like my girl better without makeup" concept. I actually do know a few girls who look better without makeup, but unless ur Jessica Alba or Adriana Lima who look gorgeous like all the fucking time, I'd definitely say that although most women are nowhere near hideous without makeup, they definitely look better with it on. And I ain't even gonna front, that's myself included - even if I do like myself better without. So if a girl is pretty without makeup, but even hotter with it on why is it that most guys still prefer them without?

P.S. As I mentioned in a previous blog, a persons looks is the first thing to grab one's attention but their personality is what makes them stay. But this time, I'm referring strictly to looks, capiche?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In Love with Love

The following is a message I received in my MySpace inbox (yes, I still have one of those lol) as a suggested blog topic, but because I haven't an ounce of creativity in me today I'm posting it as a "Dear Abi" entry so that way it's easier for me to pull an answer out my ass. Thank-you, come again.

Dear Abi,

Do you think people say "I love you," "Love you," etc to total strangers or mere acquaintances more than they [should] say it to the people that are actually in their lives and truly love them in return?

Long story [kind of] short(er)... I have been noticing a lot lately just how many people throw around those three words... whether as friends by Internet or in real life, far too easily.

Yet the people whom they should definitely say it to... they do not.

Also, can "I love you" be used to the point that it holds absolutely no weight or bearing (i.e. similar to "hello" or "what's up?")?

I was already really thinking about this topic, as I recently noticed that some of my female friends will throw those words out to people that they rarely even kick it with and whom they are not even that close to (or sometimes, have met only once).

Yet I noticed that the friends whom they are often around and kick it with the most... they hardly or rarely even say it to.

Then I saw T.I. Jane's post here:

And it really got my mind to thinking.

ok i couldn't think if a witty alias so u just get a "?" lol

Dear ? ... and while I'm at it Dear Gail, and Dear Christian too 'cuz this has been a reoccuring conversation amongst all of us lately,

Love is such a broad subject I don't even know where to begin but I'm gonna attempt to stay on topic here. I think I definitely throw around the word "love" more than I did before, but mostly because now that I'm older, I have a better understanding of what it means to ME.

Let me tell u what I love. I love shoes. I love food (so much that just now I accidentally ate some paper trying to bite into my eggplant parmesan pot pie too fast). I love to laugh until my tummy hurts and I can't breathe and it feels like I been on some John Basedow shit. I love looong, morning stretches. I love Bi-Rite's brown sugar with ginger swirl ice-cream and those rare, warm San Francisco nights where u don't mind waiting in line for it. I love getting my makeup done by my girl Tee. I love me and Rach's random ass but always entertaining conversations on AIM. I looove a nice, chilled, glass of beer to wind down to. I love pitbulls and polar bears. I love to recycle. Yah, I said recycle. I love how no matter how old I get, I still feel like a little girl whenever I hang out with my mommy. I love laying out on Kailua Beach and pretending I don't have a care in the world.. I love tulips. I love the way babies smell. I love it when I hear a song that's so powerful it takes me back to a moment in my past and makes it seem like it was just yesterday. And if I meet u for the first time, and ur awesome, and we click, I'll probably leave u a comment tomorrow saying, "What good times, I love this girl!"

And I'll mean it. But there's a difference. Obviously, it won't be in the same category of the love I have for my mom, or my family, or my girls, or my husband, or myself. I'm not saying that I love everything either. 'Cuz I DON'T love animal cruelty, or the way liver taste. And I definitely DON'T love my moms ex-boyfriend Tony-baloney-big-fat-phony. I hate to make such a fuss over the word "love" itself by saying there's 2 types of it in my book, but quite frankly - THERE IS. Or at least there's different levels of it.

Ultimately, I don't think loving a lot of things is something bad - long as u mean it. I just feel that with so much hate in the world, so loving something whether it's ur favorite pair of Js or ur great-grandmother shouldn't matter. I definitely don't substitute "hi," and, "hello," for it but if I directly tell u, "I love you," I definitely mean it and no, not in the same way I love my hot-pink patent leather combat boots either.

P.S. Still don't believe me? Then read this, stolen from Rach who stole it from someone else lol.


Does anybody know where I can buy one of these at a respectable price? I've been wanting a body form foreverrr. I don't need the side shelves, just the form itself.

Last Night the DJ Saved my Life

'Cuz without music I guarantee I'd go insane. These are the last few albums I down-errr let's just say borrowed lol. What's currently on repeat for u?

Jay-Z's Blueprint 3

Mayer Hawthorne's Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

The Chef's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Guns n Roses' Greatest Hits

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On Blast

LOL, I love this. True sometimes, like when u know ur gonna run into that bastard ass ex of urs or ur high school rival, etc. etc. Thank God I look like shit 5 days outta the week.

Monday, September 7, 2009

BITCH, Please.

I love men, oh yes I do. But men of the world, I'm sick and tired of u believing that all it takes to be a good boyfriend is to not beat or cheat on ur women. Um. Did it ever occur to u that UR NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT SHIT ANYWAY? Are u fucking serious? Get the fuck outta here! Next thing u know we're gonna start giving away awards to parents who bathe and feed their children.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

22 Hours in Vegas

Looked pretty much like this plus 3 shots of Malibu rum, 3 shots of Patron, 2 Coronas, 1 rum and Coke, 1 Vodka tonic, friends, laughs, dancing, dropping my cell in the XS pool, and a 12 hour hangover.

And I wouldn't change a single minute of it.

P.S. The dress is by Hellz, and is 110% times cuter than it already looks