Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Epic O

For years I've heard about the "Epic O."

You know, that orgasm so good you black out momentarily? That orgasm so good you can't function waist down for the next few seconds? That orgasm so good it made the clouds part and unicorns appear? Well, I once had an orgasm so good that when I was done, I wanted to punch the face of the man who gave it to me. Yah, that good lol.

And an Epic O will make us do some crazy shit. Like be late for work. Or call in sick. Or leave your best friends party. Or drive 45 minutes and over a bridge at 2 in the morning. Or how about write an entire blog about it? There's lots of things great sex may make me do, but no O will ever be so Earth shattering that it will justify me staying in a relationship I'm not happy in.

Yet I've seen exactly that growing up. On tv, the big screen, books, magazines, and even through friends: Sex so good it makes people forgive, compromise themselves, and settle.

I never say never. Because, you never really know until you're in the situation. But there are just a few things I know I couldn't tolerate. A few girls I could never be. And a few things I could never do. Staying with a man despite unforgiving circumstances just because the D is so good is one of those things.

I'd be more the type to stay for the hand holding. For the drives along Highway 1 in 80 degree weather. For the tipsy conversations in the Shark Tunnel. For the shoulder sniffs and sunsets in Half Moon Bay. For the company.

Which unless you're staying because you're holding HER hand, riding in HIS car, conversing with HIM, and sniffing HER shoulder specifically - can be just as bad. If you can take "him" or "her" and substitute it with a different name without flinching, then more than likely you're staying (or not leaving) for all the wrong reasons. Because just like the D (and the P), "he" or "she" can easily be replaced.

So look at your situation, ask yourself some questions, and weigh things out. Giving up THE Epic O may result in one crying for their vagina as they masturbate at night, but it's better than crying over broken promises or unmet expectations. 'Cuz then the Epic O turns into the Epidemic O. And trust me, you never want to see those two words in the same setence. Ever.

Hip-Hop You the Love of my Life

JT, you come in a close 2nd lol. Jimmy, you ain't so bad either.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life is Grand - No, it's GIANT.

Beer. Bitches. And Baseball. Plus 80 degree weather in San Francisco.
I couldn't be any happier. Magic #4 baby. We got this.
See you in the playoffs. 'Cuz you already know we got tickets.

It's like music to my ears.

Ooh. Shit. Damn.

My apologies for slackin but the weather and September baseball prohibit me from thinking.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

My weekend consisted of babies, food, and sunshine.

TGIF, I just couldn't wait.

I'm an aunt, again.Eat. Pray. Drunk.
Walk of shame outfits are the BEST.

Crawfish beignet w/ scallions, cayenne, and cheddarThe Beignet Flight
Top to Bottom: Crawfish, apple, chocolate, and plain
Gulf shrimp and Goat cheese omellete w/
caramalized onions and bacon relish and cheddar gritz FML. Playing catch-up with the homie over watermelon iced-tea at Brenda's.

Hope everyone had a good one!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Stop it Already

Do I NEED them? Of course not.
But at only $200, I'll find a way to make them a necessity.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

HB to the HBIC!

Because I barely blog on the weekends, Happy (early) Birthday to my hero, my mentor, my bitch, and most importantly - my girl Lawn! I really don't think you understand just how many females you inspire on the daily by simply existing. You like a fine wine girl ... with a double shot of Patron and no chaser. Luh u mamas!

And because this is my absolute fave pic w/ Lawn lol.

Get Him to the Greek

One of my favorite movies this year. I laughed til I cried during the entire furry walls scene.

Toast to the Good Guys

This is my toast to the good guys.

The guys who pull out chairs and open doors and send flowers to your work for no reason. Not because it racks up points, but because they simply want to.

These are the guys who treat their significant others with the same respect as their female best friend, their sister, their mom, and their grandmother. The ones that call you when they want to talk to you, text when they think of you, and tell you they like you the first chance they get because they don't believe in "rules."

So raise your glasses to the good guys. Who remember your birthday, plan dates beginning to end, sit through romantic comedies, and aren't afraid to look like a sucka for love in front of their boys. The guys who aren't perfect, and are human, and make mistakes. But are genuinely sorry for them and put in the effort to make it up to you.

The guys that break up with you instead of cheat, listen not just hear, spend time and not just money, look but never touch, and tell the truth because contrary to popular belief - we really don't love the way you lie.

The good guys that take you out to dinner when the "asshole" flakes on you. Calls you when the "asshole" doesn't. That wipes away tears the "asshole" caused. That keeps you company till you fall asleep afterwards, tucks you in bed, and then leaves, hoping that one day you'll wake up and realize you deserve a good guy whether its him or not.

So pass me the Moscato de Asti, tilt your head back, and "say ahhh," for the good guys. Because I refuse to waste alcohol on an asshole.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Summer,

Today is the last day of summer here in the Bay, and while there really is no such thing as "summer," in San Francisco, I can't help but look out the window and get sad. Like I've mentioned before, I love the month of September. But I hate that it represents summer nearing its end.

But like they say, "Don't cry because its over. Smile because it happened."

Battle of the Sexes Taboo at Don Pedro, and drunk walks at midnight to the lagoon. Sunday brunches over endless mimosas with the girls and Bi-Rite immediately after. "Platonic hot dates." Eating guacamole by the pool at my moms house. Random bbqs. Triple Double games. The (insert county here) Fair. Sippin champagne on a yacht in Newport Beach. Screaming at the top of my lungs front row on V2 at Discovery Kingdom. Buzzin right before watching the fireworks at Great America. Every single Giants game I attended. Jumping into the ocean for the very first time in Hawaii. And one of the best birthdays I've had in a while.

I'm going to miss being able to wear just basketball shorts and a beater at night without the heater on. I'm going to miss rushing home from work so I can catch the sunset during my beach run. I'm going to miss wearing a dress to work and eating lunch at Yerba Buena. I'm going to miss open-toe shoes, sleeveless shirts, and wearing sunglasses. I'm going to miss eating outdoors. I'm going to miss those rare occasions where I'll drive home from work with the windows down in 5th gear. I'm going to miss all the outdoor concerts and free events. The positive affirmations on FB and Twitter inspired by the mere fact that the sun is out. And I'm especially gonna miss big chillin.

Maybe we could do it all again next summer? Alright, you think about it.

Love, Me

What was your favorite memory of the summer? What will you miss?

Super High

I'm blessed to be surrounded by such talented individuals including these guys. See what the fellas of ComposurE are doing on Twitter and stay updated with their performances @ComposurE41510

Composure - "Super High" from Beautiful Music, Baby on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Strikes You're Out

It's the "Nothing on You," remix. It's "I Gotta Be," by Jagged Edge. It's having a "Teenage Love Affair at 28. "You can bet that, never gotta sweat that."

She told me she liked him. I didn't believe her. She looked at me with a sly eye and asked why. I know how she is when she's "gay," sweetie you ain't gotta lie to kick it. So why you kickin it with him still? She doesn't know. He doesn't make her laugh. And he can't even mind fuck her. They haven't even had intellectual foreplay. And I know how she likes it from the back - no homo.

I see the look on her face when others talk about their gay. She wants that too. She hasn't felt that since they held hands in front of the shark tank. But something broke after Colorado and she hasn't looked at him the same way since. And it's sad. Because she was different a month ago. Crazy, but different. And now she just goes through the motions. She never used to do things just because.

Sometimes I want to shake her. OK fine. ALL THE TIME I want to shake her.

Because she became the girl she said she'd never be. No, not the stupid girl in love. But the girl who knew she wasn't in love, or even like, but stayed just because she didn't want to be alone. It pains me to even say that. I can't even look at her right now. Is this really my friend? Has she not learned anything these past few months? JUST FUCKING STOP IT ALREADY.

'Cuz it's not him. It's having someone to text "I miss you," and seeing it back. It's having a date for the movies. It's having something to do on a boring Tuesday night. It's snuggling on the couch. And having sex in the morning. It's getting ready for a date. It's getting hollered at all night at the club but going back to his house when the lights go on. And she knows this.

But she refuses to admit it. So instead she just keeps on getting bikini waxes, and mani/pedis. Curls her hair like it was on their first date. And sprays that perfume he likes. I don't know what she sees in him. She's had cuter. Sweeter. Funnier. Steezier. Smarter. And she knows this. So at this point I don't know wtf to do. 'Cuz I've been there before. She's seen it happen. She's seen me get attached to the idea of having someone there and confusing companionship with genuine feelings. I was hoping she'd learn from my mistakes but you don't learn unless you make those mistakes yourself.

She made about 3 today. I hope that's enough.

I'm no Angel, but I'm Not so Bad ...

"If I told you I was perfect, I'd be lying
If there's something I'm not doing, boy I'm trying
I know I'm no angel, but I'm not so bad

If you see me at the party conversating,
That doesn't mean telephone numbers are exchanging,
I know I'm no angel, but I'm not so bad ...

As seen on ...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sun Dials and Roses of Yesterday

Alice Morse Earle once said, "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present." But when starting a relationship, how is one supposed to take it day by day when your actions today can possibly affect tomorrow? The present can be the gift that keeps on giving, but it also has the potential to be Pandora's Box, or that can of worms that explodes in your face weeks, or even worse, months later.

I know thinking about the future can cause all sorts of unecessary stress, but how can one not think about it when the future is inevitable?

A friend of mine said that if somethings meant to happen, it'll happen. But that in certain instances, today is sowing the seed for the future. If that's the case, how would todays seed grow into something beautiful if you don't take the necessary pre-meditated precautions to nurture that concept or idea as the days go by?

We can save up money now to buy a house in a few years. We can study hard for the SATs to get a higher score. We can apply for an internship at Vogue magazine to further our chances of becoming a fashion writer. And we can train every day for the next three months for a triathon. But our hands get slapped with the reality ruler when we ponder if "Mr./Mrs. Right NOW," could be, "Mr./Mrs. RIGHT."

I suppose this makes sense though. Because love, (and even "like") is one of the few things in life that you can't plan - it just HAPPENS. So you try to dismiss the possibility of waiting in vain and let things flow to see where things go. But just can't seem to shake it.

When that's exactly what you should do. Shake it:

"so it's a present. me personally, I shake my presents before I open them. it's a way of knowing what you'll be getting before you get it. it's not a perfect science, but it's pretty much all you can do. point is, you can never really know ... what the things you do today will REALLY mean tomorrow. but you can shake the present (change things up a bit, tweak them, a simple action, without requiring too much thought/stress), and based on how things have turned out when you've shaken things before, you can guess how things will be tomorrow. right or wrong, all it takes is another tweak to make it better the next day."~The homie P. War

Time to Let the Dogs Out

For my Ceck-Quinny:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Life's a Beach

Happy Friday yall. As you can see, I still have island fever.
And I hope I never find the cure.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Live your dream, AND WEAR YOUR PASSION

Stolen from Jon who probably stole it from soneone else lol.

Unsigned Hype

There is so much talent in the world (yes, amidst all the garbage) that sometimes I can't believe certain songs or artist aren't getting any play. Two of these artists are LeMarvin and Pretty Willie who you may or may not have heard of (as well as may or may not be signed). Just thought I'd share the ear candy :)

LeMarvin - Thug Like Me
Thug Like Me is the quintessential story of the good girl and bad boy. The lyrics are cute, and the beat is playful. And if you like that Jaheim type of gangsta love or sexy J Holiday tip, you'll also wanna check out LeMarvin's slowjam called "You Got That" here.

Pretty Willie - 4 Walls
When my boy Scott first put me on to this song, I swear it made me want to be an asshole and cheat on someone lol. It makes me just want to be naughty. And I love when the Michel'le sample drops. But alas, 4 Walls DO talk and he admits it in the Pt. 2 of this song, "4 Walls the affer effect," which you can peep here.

Pride and Prejudice

The saying goes, “It’s ok to lose your pride over the person you love, but don’t lose the person you love over your pride.” I say whoever coined this term must have never lost their pride to a person they loved … that didn’t love them back.

I am not a prideful person, but I can be. Thankfully though, I am also a person that loves. And I love hard. Hard enough to swallow my pride even when it’s not my fault. I ain’t too proud to beg, or chase, or cry. It’s nothing. Been there, done that, and some may find this admirable. But when all is said and done, and we still lose the person we’ve made a fool of ourselves for, then what?

Remember when Heath Ledgers character in 10 Things I Hate About You wooed Jessica Stiles’ character by singing and dancing up and down the bleachers during P.E. like a jack-ass? It was all sunshine and roses afterwards because she fell for it and he got his girl. But Hollywood never tells the story of the guy who cheated on his girl, was genuinely sorry for it, so he dressed up as a penguin and brought his ex-girlfriend a dozen roses at work only to catch her making out with her boss.

Yet, nobody wants to be the person to tell their friend DON’T wear that penguin suit, DON’T go to her work, and DON’T bring her flowers. But most of all, nobody wants to be the one to tell you to choose pride over love. I won’t tell you either, but I will tell you to have some sense of pride. Even if just a little bit. St. Augustine defined pride as “the love of one’s own excellence,” and while a little too much of that can come off as cockiness, what’s wrong with loving our own excellence?

Pride is always looked at as the ugly stepsister, but I’d like to look at her as the over-protective best friend. Pride is simply looking out for you that’s all. Pride can be a positive thing when it allows you to stick to your principles, and I hate to break it to you but everyone needs principles. Sometimes when we are in love, those principles get thrown out the window, which is the norm and almost inevitable. But know that sometimes this equates to settling for less. There is a difference between settling and compromising and when you settle for less you end up with less than you settled for to begin with. And there is no lesson to be learned in that except for duh: DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS!

Consequently, pride is not the real culprit when it comes to matters of love. It only becomes a problem when there’s too much of it. Or sometimes, too little. Then again, too much or too little of anything isn't ideal, nor healthy for you. What we need to do is find a sense of balance with it all, and determine when it's worth swallowing. 'Cuz the only think worse than losing the person you love to pride, is losing both.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Can't Tell You Why

"And everytime I try to walk away,
something makes me turn around and stay ..."

"Nothing wrong as far as I can see,
we make it harder than it has to be ..."


How many times have you went to your favorite restaurant, and then sat at the table after a really good meal, feeling as if you’ll throw up if you eat so much as four more grains of rice?

Yeah, me too.

Now how many times have you sat there staring at those four, soft, fluffy, delectable grains of rice with your belly already busting out of your pants and scraped them off of your plate anyway?

Yeah, me three … along with the remaining sweet potato fries, some fried chicken skin, and a slice of peach cobbler - because everyone knows there’s always room for dessert.

And so you sit there feeling slightly disgusted with yourself, because you stopped being hungry 23 minutes ago. I mean, didn’t we just annihilate the #3 King Kong special? Nevertheless, you continued to eat. Because the food was just THERE, with no home or place to go. Because you were BORED. Because, you were GREEDY.

It’s ok to say it out loud. You’re not the only one, and recognizing the problem is the first step to recovery. Now that you’re aware of the issue, you have to take action and I am more than happy to help with my top three tips on how to NOT be a greedy heffer at the dinner table. But be advised, I am not a doctor, a dietician, or even a personal trainer. Nor were these tips formulated after dozens of case studies or from scientific research. I’m just a hungry little girl with a protruding belly and some common sense.

1. If eating out, eat something before you go to the restaurant: You don’t have to eat an entire meal but eat enough so you know you won’t order the entire left side of the menu when you get there. Chances are you may still do just that, and then waste money when you get full after the first entrĂ©e but this isn’t an article about saving money, it’s about saving room in your waistband.

2. Dress accordingly: And I’m not talking about the Crustacean dress code of a shirt, tie, and jacket. I’m talking about wearing the tightest jeans, the most form fitting dress, or if you mean serious business - a mid-driff top to dinner. Because even if you don’t love yourself enough to control your eating, you’ll at the very least love yourself enough to not eat so much to the point where you look like a sausage in your bandage dress or Santa Claus in your new Crooks & Castles cardigan.

3. Leave the ATM card in the car and bring just “enough”cash: You’re not being cheap, you’re being strategic. How are you going to be able to afford the filet mignon with mashed potatoes and lobster tail when you can only afford the mashed potatoes? Make sure to let your friends know the game plan ahead of time too, or else being the generous people they are, they will probably offer to spot you. Just know this does not give you an excuse to eat the entire basket of complimentary bread.

And there you have it. 3 simple, yet effective (although NOT guaranteed) ways to NOT be a heffer. Now excuse me while I go murder a Papalote's Triple Threat burrito.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


After 2 years of lagging and being in denial, I finally copped new eyeglasses. As in prescription ones. These Fendi's will have to do until I have enough "chump change" lying around to afford an actual purse lol. Whoever said glasses make girls look like naughty librarians and sexetaries LIED.

One Less Lonely Girl

I used to think that I was exaggerating when I'd tell people I had more guy friends than girlfriends. Like maybe I was just trying to sound "cool" and differentiate myself from most girls - until it was picture taking time at a bbq Saturday (btw!) and it looked like a club in that bitch with a 3:1, guy:girl ratio.

Growing up, I took pride in being "just one of the boys," and not the attention whore that just wanted to be where the boys were. I guess it's the product of being raised by overprotective guy cousins. Whatever the reason, I can't turn it off. However, I'm realizing more and more that it's not all its cracked up to be.

For one? I've always admired big groups of girlfriends that have known each other since elementary school. Looking at pictures of them mobbin deep during Vegas vacations, and having annual Kris Kringle exchanges. So don't get it twisted, I'm not on any type of "i don't like girl friends," hype. I love them. And I love mine, although not a big group.

Another gripe about being the token female in a group of homies, is that they're always looking at you to hook 'em up with one of your homegirls - when they already know you barely have any! Then, you not only feel like a loner but also a chump walking into a party without an entourage of fly females behind you. At this point I usually get a, "Awww it's just Abi." Yet, when you want to get introduced to one of their friends you get a big, fat, "OH HELL NO" (jerks!).

Then, there's those times where I just plain and simply wanna be in the presence of other females. While I'll take a beer and a ballgame over scrapbooking over wine any day, I'd love to get a mani/pedi with a girlfriend right before going shopping. I like spas and girl talk and crying while watching A Walk to Remember over a tub of Cookies & Cream ice-cream too!!! 'Cuz the thing is, while my closest guy friends may call me their "little brother," and while my blog may be called Girls are the New Boys, I am fully aware of who I am, how emo I can potentially get, and what I tote in between my legs. And sadly enough, there are no balls there.

Fact of the matter is, while men may boast about how hot it is for women to play Fantasy Football, or hit a beer bong faster than Frank the Tank, they still want a lady. And as much as we may think, or talk, or act like a man - a woman is what we'll always be.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Truth Hurts


Whether you're a man or woman, I'd love to hear what you all think about it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Funday

A 'lil sumth'n to end your weekend right. I've always thought Pac looked the flyest when he smiled. Hope everyone had a good one!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I usually don't blog during the weekends but because I've been on vacation and slacking this past week, here you go!

When me and my first love broke up, I didn't know how to be alone. I was so used to having someone pick me up from school, drop me off at work, pack me lunch, and just simply BE THERE that I was a fish out of water when the "break" turned into an actual "break up". Shit, I remember sometimes I'd get out of class, automatically call him, and then mid-ring remember we weren't together anymore and hang up.

For the next few years after that I was in a few relationships where I was saw one person exclusively but never had an actual boyfriend. And I liked it that way. I was able to remain independent and do my own thang but technically not have to report/reply/check in/or owe anything to anybody. Kinda fucked up, I know but hey it went both ways at least. This went on for so long that when I finally did get a boyfriend, I didn't know how to be in a relationship.

I never cheated. Not even close. But it wasn't the things I was actually doing that I shouldn't have been doing that I was guilty for, it was not doing the things I should've been doing that I think ultimately tore us apart. I was too headstrong. And at times inconsiderate and ungrateful. But I felt suffocated and longed for solidarity. Things as simple as reading a book on my own bed in my own room by myself for an entire hour became a luxury to me. I just wanted space.

And that's exactly what I got. Lots of it. And now that I have it? I don't know what to do with it. I'm not talking about being alone. I've mastered that part already. I have plenty of things and people and hobbies and interest that keep me occupied. I know how to keep busy, but I don't know how to be SINGLE. As in I don't know how to take advantage of being a young (yes i'm still calling myself that lol), attractive, fun/ny, and smart woman in the dating scene.

Dating fucking scares me. I can't even grasp the concept of what that is. Are the rules still the same? What are the fucking rules anyway? Can I "date" more than one person at a time? What if I catch feelings? When is it ok to have "the talk" with them? When it is ok to have sex with them? Does that mean it's ok to see other people? Am I supposed to call them everyday? If they don't hit me up everyday does that mean they're no longer interested? FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK.

And then I stop to think about it. And realize what the ultimate problem is - I don't know to stop, calm the fuck down, take a deep breath, put my bulletproof vest on, and JUST BE.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Love You Like A Brother, Treat You Like A Friend, Respect You Like A Lover

You can bet that, never gotta sweat that.
Happy Friday yall.

Through the Fire

It could've happened anywhere. In any neighborhood. To anyone. And this time it happened way too close for comfort. Please pray for the victims of yesterdays tragic gas line explosion in San Bruno, a city that just a few years ago I practically lived in. Please be grateful that you still have a roof over your head and skin on your body. Please tell the people you hold close to your heart that you love them. Please feel blessed that we have fearless heroes still out there putting out the blaze and offering blankets, food, an services to those in need. And please remember, that things could always be worse. I know I mostly talk about love, and sex, and relationships, and seemingly petty things like fashion and cute football players but I know there's a world outside of this blogosphere and am deeply humbled because of it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For Better? Or Worse?

After a not-so-great break up or any relationship altercation where someone is did dirty, usually your awesome friends are gonna come in and throw out a, "You were too good for him anyway," or, a "She wasn't good enough for you bro." And a lot of the time it's true.

But that still won't stop some of us from questioning the validity of that statement. And it still won't stop some of us from questioning ourselves. Because if we were that awesome, and that great, why on Earth would they have let us go? RIGHT?

In life, we're always taught to be confident. To have pride. To love ourselves, and set our standards high. But how do we place ourselves on a pedastal without coming off so cocky that people wanna knock our ass off that bitch? How do we not settle without having to settle with being alone? There's a fine line you walk when thinking, "I'm the shit bitch!," before people start to think, "Bitch, you ain't shit!"

'Cuz sure, you're better than the next girl ... but I'm sure the next girl is thinking she's better than his last. And you might think any girl would be lucky to have you, but so is the guy that just swooped on your ex-girlfriend. So then we end up with is a bunch of people who think they're too good for each other. "You think you can have any girl you want? Well I can have any man I want too."

What you have to do is think highly of yourself without looking down on others. And as impossible as that may sound, it's painstakingly easy. 'Cuz one thing I've learned is, you are fucking awesome. You are the biniss. "You are exquisite, you're the one" ... just not the one for him or her. Which means, she or he wasn't the right one for you. And if there really is such a thing as "the one" in this confusing ass Matrix of love - all that mumbo jumbo I just said only means your Neo is still somewhere out there just waiting to match your fly. So just be careful and make sure to take notice of what's going on around you while you're reciting positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror. Remember what the other Ne-Yo said? "I'm a movement by myself, but I'm a force when we're together?" Yah, that's the spirit.

So the next time he does you dirty and you're down and out 'cuz you consider yourself a good catch and can't fathom why this shit is happening to you, maybe instead of saying he wasn't good enough for you, I'll just say: "He wasn't good for YOU.".

And if he thinks he can get any girl he wants - he probably can. Good for him. But remember, you ain't just "any girl."

Never Was A Cloudy Day ...

The very first time I went to Hawaii, I got Island Fever. For almost a month I swore I was going to quit my job and live somewhere on Kailua Beach where I could play all morning, tan all day and spear my dinners right before sunset. But let's be real over here - I like to sleep in, can't stay still long enough to tan, and would probably end up accidentally spearing my foot.

But I will always have a special place in this ice-box of mine for the Aloha State. Especially after this last trip there. And even though I dun went through some shit since my last birthday, I'm way more happy now than I was then. There are just too many inside jokes and memories from this trip that no single blog can do it justice. But here's a few pics to get you by until my brain gets (back to life) back to reality and can write a substantial post once again.

Bday/Bach dinner at Nobu's our first night.

The Aloha Choir/Army at Lanikai Ko-Olina
Island Snow-bunnies
3 Little Mermaids
So hungover, the sand made me seasick
Literally, hanging loose

To H.E.A. and back!
'Cuz it don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine ;)
Watching the sunset in Brooke's backyard.

(Sometimes I can't believe my life)

F.A.T. at Cinnamon's
Guava Chiffon Pancakes or for short, orgasm on a plate.
DIY poke bowl from Paina Cafe, just the way I like it.
Before jumping into Pele's Chairpool

(one of my fave parts of the trip!)

Living my life like its GOLDEN. For more pics, check out my Hayati's recap here!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Best. Birthday. EVER. No muss. No fuss. ALL BUSS.
It's gonna be an amazing year, partly due to all of YOU.
Give me a day or 2 to recuperate and I'll be back on it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wake Up, Wake Up, It's the First of the Month ...

The first of my absolute favorite month as a matter of fact. Indian Summer in the city starts, and I usually end up taking a week off and flying somewhere tropical. And oh yah, it's my birthday month ;)

Anyway, sorry for my lack of posts but I've been catching up with life, and I'll be laying on the beach tanning while reading a book for a week so until I get back, yall can gig to this. For you youngins, this is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands EVER.

Happy birthday to all the Virgos! Have a good September everyone!