Wednesday, June 16, 2010


You know that feeling you get when he smiles and all of a sudden you kinda wanna die a little? That kinda feeling. The kind where even the most composed woman can't help but fall apart at the slighest sound of his voice. Giddy like the 5th grade 'cuz you just received a text from him that started "Hey beautiful," and ended ":)". Yah, that kinda feeling.

So he pinches your love handles. You playfully slap his hand. He calls you fat. And you tell him he's ugly. (Both knowing damn well yall couldn't be farther from the truth). You think up compelling questions to ask, and witty answers to reply. But when the time comes he beats you to the punch and then you have about as much personality as a tree stump'CUZ YOU ARE STUMPED AND DON'T KNOW WTF TO DO WITH YOURSELF. I know you know that feeling.

That feeling where you doodle his name + yours with a heart around it on your notes. Or you day dream about your first date - where you're of course wearing an outfit you don't even own, have bigger tits, a perkier ass, and can sing so good you make a dude wonder how Alicia Keys even got a record deal. And fuck. Why your voice gotta be so deep and sound so smooth and make me feel things I shouldn't be feeling before 11am kinda feelings?! It's a crazy but good kinda feeling.

And now even your friends can feel what you're feeling. 'Cuz even if you didn't ramble on and on about the conversation you had with him in the parking lot, even if you didn't get googly eyes when he walks in your direction, even if your knees didn't buckle whenever he hugged you, and even if you didn't just link them a picture of him that you insist is gorgeous even though you can only see one arm and the left side of his face in it - they can still tell what you're feeling.

'Cuz its got you feeling so far from low that your fingertips are grazing the sky. Bitch don't run away, 'cuz you fucking deserve this feeling. Feeling like you could really like this guy. Like it's been a long ass fucking time since you've felt this way kinda feeling. Holy shit could you really be feeling this feeling? I know this feeling. Sometimes I live for this feeling. It's the BEST kinda feeling. It's that NEW feeling feeling.


?onnel said...

This is great. It's 3am and I was 'bout to call it a day but this made me want to write some more.

raaachem said...

"Why do birds suddenly appear? Everytime you are near? Just like me, they long to be... close to youuuuuuuu" (pointing my finger to you)


Yesi Jukebox said...

I really like this post.. I was feeling like this some months ago and though that didn't work out I am looking forward to feeling that feeling for someone new in the future.

Michelle said...

i want that feeling! i long for that feeling. where the fuck can i find that feeling?

(LOL) really that's how i'm feeling.

DJ CMC said...

possibly one of my favorite blogs you feelin this one. so heres my response from a guy:

theres that feeling when you just wake up and everything seems right. you're not tired not sleepy, youre ready to go. why? could it be cuz you had the best night of sleep in years...naw. granted the theme of this is "new" and to me, this is all new.

rolling over and seeing her sleeping, you whisper "good morning" she doesnt wake up but shes hears it and smiles, cuz she knows it you and just for that second, you know shes dreaming of you as much as you think of her.

its that feeling you get, when you dont see her for days, and the moment you see her, flip her hair to reveal her face, you are reminded why you are in love with her all in one glance.

or when when your thoughts colide together at the exact moment durin a conversation, a lil embarassed, cuz its seems slightly dorky that you would think the same thoughts, a lil bit happy, beacuse you think the exactly alike...

or the fact that you can ramble for hours from subject to subject...throwing in anecdotes and inside jokes that will have only you two laughin loudly in a quiet room. we complement each other, and its the best feelin in the world to know someone out of the billions of people in the world totally understands you.

the feeling i think that takes the cake is, when you are sittin on a couch, together...and she inches up next to you, and she cuddles up into a lil ball right next to you on ur side n leans her head on ur chest. she fits there so comfortably its like, me and her were made for each other.

im shure you all have that feeling, just layed out in different stories. but trust i know the feeling...

its all REALLY NEW to me still...ill be honest, i feel hard,
i cant help it, im addicted to her =(

Yesi Jukebox said...

@ DJ CMC - You just made me so sad.. I thought I had all of that but it just didn't turn out..

Mouf.Peace said...

@?onnel - awesome can't wait to read (unless i already have :)

@raaachem - it's NEVER just a hug hahaha

@jukebox - with a great attitude like that i'm sure it'll happen sooner than ut hink :)

@michelle - girrrl i know THAT feeling too lol

@cmc - oh bff. we already had this talk. i'll let u just feel your feeling lol.