Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My (girls, girls, girls, girls) Girls I Do Adore

You've heard my Hayati say it a hundred times, but I'll say it a thousand more: My girls are AMAZING. Fucking amazing. They're beautiful, talented, funny, intelligent, adventurous, and definitely not your average.

They're the girls you want to befriend and be seen in pictures with. The girls whose private Facebook pages you click on everyday in hopes that one day you'll hit the jackpot and it'll be public. The girls who look like they're always smiling and laughing and having fun ... 'cuz in each others presence, they are always smiling and laughing and having fun. They can steal your man faster than a cocaine heartbeat but won't - 'cuz they know they deserve more than some douchebag who thinks he's a pimp. And really, nobody gets stolen unless they want to be. But I digress.

My girls? They can probably kick your girls' ass ... in Taboo, at the bar, on the free throw line, in a Man vs. Food contest, in a KY jelly wrestling match, and probably even toe to toe - but they too grown for that shit and got too much pretty-face to put at risk. Oh yes. My girls cook the best dinners, bake the best cupcakes, design the flyest fliers, tell the funniest jokes, got the sexiest moves, and have more steez in they're pinky toe than you at your own birthday party.

Oh hell. My girls just SHIT on yours ok?! There. I fucking said it. Don't shoot the messenger though. 'Cuz the thing is, is YOUR girls are probably saying the same things about yours and talkin the same shit about mine.

'Cuz in a circle of girl friends, there's always that girl you can count on to pick you up from your boyfriends house at 2am after getting into a really bad fight. There's always that girl who will front you your plane ticket until your next paycheck just 'cuz they couldn't imagine tanning on the beaches of Barbados without you. There's always that girl who will sleep over your house for however many days you wish so that you don't feel (too) alone after the lost of a loved one. There's always that girl who will stay at the slot machines half an hour longer so that you can fuck that guy you just met at Surrender for 30 minutes more. There's always that girl whose taking off her earrings the minute she sees another chick give you the side eye (calm down gangster).

There's always that girl who will send you a text message that makes you smile, buy you a "for nothing gift," tell you your getting fat, tell you your getting too skinny, make you change your outfit, pack you lunch, pick you up from the airport, let you know you're annoying her, send you a package on Valentine's Day, and not say a single word as you cry on her shoulder.

'Cuz every girl thinks the world of her girls. Hate bitches but you love yours right? I totally understand. 'Cuz every girl thinks her girls are the best. And if they're anything like mine, they probably are. Just remember, mine are better LOL.

*disclaimer time!* I received a really good Formspring comment this morning and although I haven't answered it yet, it prompted me to address it here. And normally, I wouldn't take the time out to explain myself but because this posts involves other people (my girls) I will. The point nor truth of this blog wasn't to say my girls are better than yours. Although I say that in the last sentence if you really comprehend the entire last paragraph you'll see it was put there for comical purposes whether you think it's funny or not.

The point of this blog is to showcase the fact that every girl thinks their girls are the BEST. And to them, they are the best. And really, that's all that really matters. There could be prettier, funnier, richer girls that are nice and sweet and caring, but I STILL wouldn't trade mine for the world. And I hope the rest of yall wouldn't either. I place mine on a pedestal just like the next girl does. And honestly, come on, if my girls challenged the women's wrestling team to a KY jelly match - I hate to say this, but we'd probably lose lol.

So sorry if this post offends anyone. If you got awesome girls and a crude sense of humor like me, you'll totally understand this piece ... most likely 'cuz you think your girls shit on mine lol.

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gailey said...

<3 you mary. always.