Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today should've been a typical Wednesday. I mean, it started out like any other humpday.

Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Wah. Snooze. Alarm. aklsjdflkjsdlf. Shower. Lather, rinse, repeat. But then - instead of dawning my usual Vans, jeans, Hellz tee, and putting my hair in a messy bun, I reached in the back, back, I'm talking The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe BACK of my closet for the only pair of slacks I own, threw on a blazer, put on some heels, and brushed my mufuckin hair (happy Christian?) because I had a meeting with a job recruiter during lunch.

At exactly 12:10, I left work, then hopped on the train to Montgomery. Got off and walked 2 blocks in the wrong direction, to walk back and find out it was the right direction. I'm telling you, this is all very typical of me lol. So I'm finally in the recruiters office, a hot mess, face all red, armpits sweating (typical, typical) but with 13 minutes to spare, whew.

I then met Jamie, a typical looking white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing cute shoes, whose outfit oozed Banana Republic, and overall look screamed "Hi, I'm from the Marina District." But what happened next was not so typical.

If our meeting was an actual interview, I definitely would've bombed it. And I probably would've left the building crying. She tore my resume apart, said I didn't get paid shit (ok, so not in those exact words, but whatever, tell me something i don't know), and then ... AND THENNNN she said, "YOU NEED TO STOP BEING SO HUMBLE."

I'm sorry, huh?

Me and my girls joke around all the time, trying to out-conceit each other. In hindsight, I thought the key to life was to remain humble so as to stop my ego from being my +1 at clubs and weddings. Have I been lied to all this time? Have I been had??!!! No, not at all. I've just been comfortable. Stagnant. Unmotivated. Scared. And call it being "humble" all you want, but I've just been downright MEAN to myself. More than being my worst critic, I've been my worst enemy. I've been typical Abigail, not giving myself enough credit, always doubting myself, and dumbing myself down so as to not create high expectations from other people.

Jaime looked at me and said, "Snaz up your resume, and then we can go forth from there. Sell yourself with confidence so you can make the money you want, the money you deserve." And then the sun shined, the clouds parted, and doves flew in the air like a John Wu movie. And just like that, my typical Wednesday became not so typical. I left feeling empowered, because I knew I had so much more to offer than just those administrative skills on my resume. Not just in the work field but in LIFE. For my friends, for my family, for my boyfriend, and most of all for myself.

So moral of the story is, NEVER SELL YOURSELF SHORT. Never be the loudest one in the room, but make some damn noise for crying out loud! And never settle for less because you're scared of the possible greatness that can come from aiming for and achieving the absolute BEST. Otherwise, you'll end up with that second rate broad just because she was "safe." Or you'll end up married to a man you're not in love with just because you're scared to be alone. Or you'll end up unhappy, and un-inspired in a typical administrative job for 5 years of your life just because it pays the bills - when the world knows and you know, you are far from TYPICAL.

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Michelle said...

MU-fkin' BRAVO! This post in itself was inspiring to get out there and get where you want/need to be. Thanks :-)