Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Git it From My Mama?

Ask and you shall receive. Here's a pic of me and moms. Sorry for the poor quality, she just got a bunch of new computer equipment and went scanner cray-cray. Anyway, I STILL don't think we look alike lol.

K, that's all for today I'm off to the game! P.S. I love how my work gave me Giants tickets for a game at 12:45 when I have work 'till 5:30 lol. Yesssssss!


ashley sade said...

ur mama looks GOOD! at least u know, u'll age well later later in the future. how old was she when she had u?

Mouf.Peace said...

thank god right? lol. and she got pregnant 19 had me at 20.

linh said...

your mom looks gorgeous! and i think you look a lot like her. =D