Monday, April 19, 2010


And now I'm sick. Once the body aches and chills go away, I should be be able to post more than just music videos, and pictures. In the mean time, just another regular conversation between me and one of my girls ...

[14:08] her: So I was bout to get frustrated with *** today
[14:08] me: for why?
[14:08] her: He sleeps over so much but we'll only have sex like once a week.
[14:10] me: really?
[14:10] me: does he even try?
[14:10] me: do u try?
[14:10] her: Iono if he tries. If he does he's not aggressive enough!
[14:17] me: but yah that's weird. 1 week of sleeping over and only sex once? i'd be gettin it in AT LEAST once a day
[14:18] her: I'mma tell *** it's mandatory if he sleeps over.
[14:19] me: I agree, make him sign a contract
[14:19] me: or charge him dick at the door

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