Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Kiara & Matao!

Me and moms trekked all the way to Rio Vista for my little cousins Kiara and Matao's birthdays, and lemme tell you their party shitted on any Vegas trip or club event I ever had. Thanks to my cuzzo at Games 2 U, I now know what I'm doing this year lol. He works for a rental service that's basically a portable party. They got video games, a giant hamster ball, booger wars, laser tag, and much, much more (I feel like an infomercial, I swear they didn't pay me to blog this lol). Check out their website or email me for more info!

Part of the reason I had so much fun was because I got to see my baby-cuzzo Zae. Look at those baby-blues. He's getting so big so fast and looking like his daddy more and more everyday!
The was the interior of the party-van they had. The exterior is set up for wii games and Rockband! Add a stripper pole in the middle and a bar in the back and we're good to go! (I swear, I'll find any way to corrupt something so innocent lol)
The Giant Hamster Ball. Need I say more?
MY TURN!!! OMG SO MUCH FUN!!! Watch the video so you can hear my mom making fun of me, and see my two cousins TRY and fuck me up lol. P.S. It echos in that bitch.

And I just had to sneak this last pic in 'cuz I already miss this 'lil guy. Look at his shifty ass face lol! Already protective over his fave aunty :) I DIED when I saw this cuz it totally reminds me of another face in another pic ...
Anyway, hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did! Off to Bikram!

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