Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boys are the New Girls Pt. 2

Women may be from Venus and men might be from Mars but I promise u there's a little planet somewhere in between where they meet up, have drinks, and procreate. Because believe it or not - we are a lot more similar than we think, or at least would like to admit.

It's been a common misconception that just because men are men, that they are immune to getting their feelings hurt. That just because they get scruffy, they don't want you to grab their face and kiss them like they're about to get deployed to Afghanistan for a year. That just because a white tee, jeans, and kicks are everyday staples to them, they don't want you to tell them how handsome they look those 2 times outta the entire year they're in a suit. That inheriting their fathers receding hairline or the fact that their 6-pack looks more like a kegger doesn't bother them.

But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Men may not parade their insecurities around like most women do by staring at their ass in front of the mirror while in their Levi's asking you, "Does this make my donk look big?" But trust me, they feel something when some hottie with a GSP body is on TV and u ask one of ur girls if they make sham-wow panties.

Sure, men have different ways of expressing and dealing with their insecurities but a man is still only a man. Nothing less, nothing more.

Perhaps the biggest way to bruise a mans ego, is to deny them sex. And I'm not talking about those days when ur feeling icky 'cuz ur on ur rag and u don't wanna take it there. Or those nights after the club when you drank way more than you should've and are scared to yack during reverse cowgirl. I'm talking those times when the man who wants nothing more than to make you feel sexy, and beautiful, and loved is genuinely attempting to get intimate with you and you just blow him off. Shit happens, and things get complicated, but regardless of how justified the reason is - you better have an even better way to make up for it. Otherwise, that shit will chip away at their very core, as if they found out you cheated on them or something. Think of the last time you got rejected, hurt didn't it? Now imagine getting rejected by the one person you want and love the most. OUCH.

So for everytime you get a new haircut and your man doesn't notice, before you start complaining - think about the last time you complimented him on his. The next time you put on a dress that hugs you in all the right places and your man can't keep his hands off you - give him a reason to have to take another shower when he comes outta there looking sexy as hell with just a towel wrapped around him rawrrr! 'Cuz if he matches your fly (and I know you fly!), then you should already know for everytime you don't make the effort there's someone out there who will.

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Unknown said...

So damn true. I didnt think of men that way!