Friday, March 26, 2010

Just me and my Boyfriend(s)

I love my girls. But they already know this. So fellas, this ones for YOU.

Because beside every great woman is a great man ... that she will NEVER get with. Lucky for me, I have 3 of them (Well, 3.5 if u count my gay). And I love my guy friends that I can call "my boys". LOVE THEM. Just as much, although not in the same context, as I have loved or will ever love any of my boyfriends.

These are the boys who have already met my girls, my mom, and are already a part of my family without the wedding ring. These are the boys who I can call at 1am to laugh, cry, or yell "OMFG I'm sooo druuuuuuunk I love youuuuu," to without any implications of it being a "booty-call". These are the boys who will hold up their jackets as a make-shift dressing room I can change inside of and NOT peek (yall better not fucking peek!). The boys who I can trust getting shit-face with because they WON'T try to cop a feel when they're carrying me back to the car. They WON'T try to take advantage of me when dropping my dead weight off at home. But they WILL make me clean the throw-up off the side of their passenger door, put in a good word to my homegirl he thinks is cute, AND buy them lunch the next day (yall be DTM I swear lol).

These are the boys who invite me to "boys night out," 'cuz apparently I don't count. The boys who let me know (not tell me) I'm beautiful, and smart, and talented, and funny, and fucking awesome - without expecting ass in return. The boys who've been there before, after, and in-between every boyfriend and never broke up with me. The boys who pick me off of bathroom floors, give me tough love, and have seen me at my absolute worst - and STILL stood by me, and STILL refuse to walk away, and STILL love me 'cuz they've also seen me at my absolute BEST. The boys who would "take a bat to a n*ggas head" (verbatim folks, SORRY) that hurt me if I ever said the word.

The ironic part is, there is probably some other chick's boy out there saying the same exact thing about mine.

Because my good guy at one point in his life, was her bad boy. Because when my boys are telling me, "Fuck him, he couldn't handle you, you deserve better," and all that woompty-woomp that may be true but I really ain't tryna hear - they are also talking about themselves. Because everybody makes mistakes. Because even our "boys" are assholes ... just not towards us.

And that is why as their bestest friends that are girls, we gotta remind them how a good girlfriend should be treated - with the same respect as they give us. But even if they don't listen ... we STILL stand by them, we STILL refuse to walk away, and we STILL love them. Because beside every great man is a great woman ... they will never get with (at least I hope not lol).

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