Friday, March 19, 2010

Fuck You

Please get the fuck away from me, 'Cuz I like ur steez.
Walk in the opposite direction, Before I up and leave.
Your height. Your built. Your talk. Your fade.
Your eyes. Your smile. Please don't let him stay.
You make me laugh, Do all the things I like.
And it scares me so much, I think I just might.
Forget your number, And that we ever met.
Let me delete it right now, Oh fuck there goes your text.
"You like the Warriors?" Shit, what do I say?
"Got floor seats to the game!" How 'bout "No fucking way"
'Cuz ur sweet, ur nice, And get along with my friends.
Unselfish, and thoughtful, OK, this shit has to end.
Right here, right now, 'Cuz there's no way, no how.
I'm a tear this wall down, After it stood so proud.
'Cuz ur nothing I hate, And everything I could love.
Loyal, smart, talented, All the above.
I'm sorry, I just can't, There goes the door.
It's not my fault, Blame all the men before.
I rather miss out, Than feel the pain.
Of falling in love, And getting hurt again.
You don't want to know me, I'm no good for you.
(God, we'd be so perfect, If you only knew)
I think you could make me happy, But I don't care to know.
I think I could love you, But I rather you go.
I want to tell you I'm scared, But instead I'll say
Please get the fuck away from me, Just please go away.

P.S. It's just a poem guys lol.


Raaachem said...

ok. THIS just did it for me.

Chase said...

this= the subtle signal I send to anyone I can see a future with :-/

cataLin0 said...

Ugh... something like self-sabotage, but more like self-defense :\