Friday, March 12, 2010

The Anthem

This song makes me want to do my happy drunk dance with my eyes closed and one hand in the air holding a beer. Don't mind if I do :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

P.S. Akon needs to put on Rock City already. Peep their "Put the Fucking Album Out" mixtape and you should agree.

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Se7en said...

I own every Kells album up until you know when.

(Was a fan from when he was with Public Announcement - still have the cassette. Honey Love was the ish)

I can no longer even listen to the dude (though I would like to at times - Religious Love, Half on a Baby, I Wish, Did You Ever Think Remix w/ Nasty - his self-titled album was my favorite though. I bumped it for I do not know how many years).

But now? I can acknowledge his talent... but I honestly (not even joking) get sick to my stomach whenever I listen to his new records.

The man is one of the best songwriters of our generation though.