Saturday, March 27, 2010

Everybody Get Ur Role On.

I used to always think role-playing in the bedroom implied a wig, patent leather nurse outfit, and corny lines like "It's time to take your temperature big boy," until I randomly came across this Nicki Minaj interview on YouTube. The concept is nothing new but I absolutely love the way she breaks it down. One of my personas is definitely gonna have to be an alcoholic 'cuz my shy ass is gonna need a shot or 5 in order to try this out lol.

What do you guys think about role playing in the bedroom? Ladies, do you role play (Ashley I know your freak ass is gonna answer this question)? Fellas, what characters would you like your girls to embody?


ashley sade said...

lmao, i like how u shouted me out tho on this one.

ive always thought bout it, but never done it.

plus, 80% of the time im hella high as shit. so im only thinking of what other positions to try, im in dying need of water, round 2, & uh.. thas about it haha.

ericafran said...

Yeah, I mean, roleplay's definitely what keeps shit interesting. I spit a whole lotta nasty when I'm doing the deed ( sometimes, I'll think back and cringe!), so if dirty talk is your thing, then this isn't too far of a stretch. The other partner's gotta be imaginative too, and its another way to see how connected you are or how well you know each other if you can go off of each others fantasies. Its another opportunity to learn what gets the other person off. Its a way to fantasize together, and open up a different meaning of communication. HAH. Totally an advocate of the role playing. I didn't realize I typed SO MUCH!