Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Adventures on Bart

This morning I'm waiting at the Bart station and some dude sits down on the floor next to me and plugs in what I believe was the first laptop ever invented 'cuz that shit was HUGE. A few minutes later the train arrives and as I'm walking towards its doors he starts talking to me, "Hey can you listen to something for me really quick? I'd like your opinion."

Mother fucker, I think to myself. All I want to do is put on my earphones and sleep. But because he was nice, and I'm nice I say ok. I sit in the seat in front of him as he explains that he made 2 songs the night before and wanted me to let him know which one he should keep, and which one he should toss. "Yah man, I was up till 3 making this one. I just mastered it," womp womp womp.

He then starts explaining how he had to re-do the track 3 times 'cuz he lost it once and then didn't like it the second time around. So I listen and the first thing I hear is ...


Now, if you like Ryan Leslie then you know what that means. So I'm thinking, "Um. OK. Maybe he re-wrote the lyrics." But nooooooo. He proceeds to play AND sing along to the entire "Irina" single off of Ryan Leslie's debut album. And I'm sitting there like, "No this n*gga didn't." But he sure did! 'Cuz soon after he switches the track and I hear the intro to "Addiction" featuring Cassie.

I didn't have to heart to put his ass on blast and let him listen to the Ryan Leslie album on my Ipod talkin 'bout "Hey this guy stole your song!" but I couldn't hide my, "Are you fucking stupid? Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think I've been living under a rock for the past 2 years?" face either. So I just say, "I liked the first one better," turn around, put my headphones on, and then proceed to text all my friends that I met Ryan Leslie on Bart.

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