Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

In absolutely no order at all ...

Shin splints be gone!
(If you're serious about running I highly suggest investing in a good pair of running shoes. You'll thank me later, and your body will thank you!)
$80 down the drain. Thank God this lasts me for an entire year!
Happy 1st bday and baptism to my Goddaughter Chezka!
Finally popped my Chipotle cherry.
Celebration shots (of expresso) for the homie Gayson's new job!
My dessert plate at Beijing Buffet, nom nom nom.
Poor Zae is teething so he was Mr. Cranky Pants all day until he started munching on fruit to ease the pain.
Spooning w lil' man.
Being vain while waiting for my ride.
And just because, my favorite Cure song they played at JC Penny today.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Are those the new nike trainers shoes?

Mouf.Peace said...

hi! they're the nike frees and they're extremely comfortable :)

krisYEE said...

i can show you how to get rid of shin splints...heeeelllooOoOoo i was in track. and nike's are the greatest for running :X but i do want of a pair of those trainers. not for running though. haha