Friday, March 25, 2011


About a year ago my gay at work suggested I write down a list of things I wanted in life, tangible or not. Big, or small. It didn't matter, long as I was specific. The idea was nothing new to me, I had read many inspirational articles and listened to numerous motivational speeches referencing this type of exercise. Finally, I decided to give it a try. On the top of my list was, "Have a successful and lucrative career doing what I love to do." I read this list every morning, and every night right before I went to bed. After maybe three or four days I got an email regarding a paid copywriting gig.

Of course my eyes widened as I read the email thinking, "HOLY SHIT, IT'S LIKE MAGIC!" So one would think I would've continued the self-fulfilling prophecy and kept up with the list but I abandoned it only a week later. Matter fact, my world kinda fell apart shortly after. What can I say? Shit happens, and you fall down or in my case you spiral into an abyss. Then you either stay spiraling and let the world pass you by or you get up, grab life by the throat and choke that bitch into submission ... or at least work out some sort of compromise.

So here I am a year later with the same stars in my eyes. Only they're brighter, and I can see clearer than ever. While perusing Facebook today, I randomly came across a link to a renovated warehouse/living space my friend posted. I immediately thought of my "dream house," which you'd be surprised to find out is a lot more realistic than you'd think. I only have a few absolute musts - with an infinity pool being the most outrageous lol. Honestly, as long as I have a washer and dryer inside the house, I'm good. I'm a simple girl. The 2-car garage, second-story, and walk in closet are just an added bonus ;)

Anyway, I'm printing out these pictures today and posting them all over my cubicle walls. To remind myself that I deserve better and am capable of so much more. More than likely, you are too. So write a list (check it twice!), find pictures of shit that motives you. Listen to inspiring stories like this one about Sylvester Stallone, and surround yourself with positive people that spark fires in your soul. Do whatever you have to do to FOCUS.

It's easy to get excited, but it takes real effort to STAY excited. Maybe because we are so used to basing success on results. New Years hits and you get a gym membership and go hard for the first three weeks and then come the fourth and you're over it. But had you acquired a 2-pack during that fourth week, I'm sure you would've been more inclined to continue beasting it so that 2-pack turns into 4, and eventually working out becomes second nature to you.

Remember: Ideas, no matter how good they are - are NOTHING without execution. And you won't get to swim in your infinity pool, or fill up your walk-in closet if you're just staring at them from your cubicle.

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