Thursday, March 31, 2011

If You Do For Me

Remember when I wrote this blog and told you I've been feelin all Notebook, A Walk to Remember lately? Well mama ain't neva lie and the "yes homo" is stronger than ever.

Just yesterday while scoring the basketball game, I noticed a few players come in early and set up shop at the bleachers across from me. Along with some of them came friends, family, kids, and significant others. Among them was one woman I had seen the week before. A girlfriend of one of the players. She sat by herself, guarded her mans stuff while he played, and took pictures everytime he stepped up to the free-throw line. It was cute, and I couldn't help but empathize because it could've easily been me. Except I wouldn't have came in high heels with my hair all did, and I would've been screaming and cheering like an obnoxious asshole.

Because what good woman doesn't want to support her man and be there for him when he's in his element? Whether it be when he's on the field, behind the mic, in the kitchen, or overseeing a business, I want to be his #1 fan (or at least #2 'cuz I ain't tryna fight moms for that spot).

The homie Jeyel asked me this morning what I missed most about having a boyfriend. Its been so long, I had to think about it. Was it him dropping me off at work and kissing me good-bye? No. Him picking me up from work and kissing me hello? No. Him giving me massages? No (although it's definitely up there!). Him taking care of me when I'm sick? No. Him buying me "for nothing" gifts? No.

Then I realized that more than anything, I missed doing things for him.

Like making him lunch and sticking post-it notes on his tupperware. Seeing something that would look good on him and buying it "just because". Sexting him at inappropriate times. Making him french toast for breakfast in just his t-shirt while he's still sleeping. Tying his tie for him. Folding his laundry. Surprising him with tickets to his favorite game and not even expecting to go. Cooking him dinner and skipping the dining room to eat it at the coffee table while watching Jersey Shore on the couch. And finding him the BEST birthday or Christmas gift everrrrrr. So amazering, I almost give it to him early because I just can't wait 'til it hits midnight. Little things like that.

Which is actually pretty ironic. Because I barely cook for myself. I have yet to learn how to tie a tie. I absolutely detest folding my own laundry. And OF COURSE I wanna go to the damn game!

But that's the thing. I may not want to do certain things for myself but I have to. I may not have to do these certain things for my man but I want to. Some girls can sucker a sucker into buying her a shiny new toy, or taking her on a weekend getaway if she really wanted them to. And some girls may tolerate shit because they feel helpless, as if they have no choice or "have" to. But it takes a really special man to make us WANT to go above and beyond at times, and do things for them for the most unselfish reasons.

So I guess ... that's what I really miss the most about having a boyfriend. Or rather, what I miss having him do for me. As corny as it sounds, I miss him giving me that amazing feeling of simply wanting to do things for him.

Folks what's you're favorite part of being in a relationship whether you're in one right now or not?

P.S. Bout to show my age here but I love this song. Probably more now than I did back then.


♥ audrey said...

I totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...

actually made me miss being in a relationship!

Anonymous said...

Omg u read my mind.. I soo love ur blogs

Mouf.Peace said...

haha glad to know i'm not the only one feeling sappy lately jk.

noturavrgbz - love that ya love 'em!

jessica said...

Oops, I accidentally used my internship's e-mail account for that previous post.

Mouf.Peace said...

hi jessica i didn't publish ur other post just in case lol. but thank u so much, that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

hah some1 suggested I read a few of these blogs, cuz I'm always open to a woman's perspective on love, relationships.. but what I miss; spiritual bond. But ey, u must create that bond w/The Most High first cuz thas where it all starts, & gotta live w/ya'self before u can live w/others. Word iz bond