Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blessing and a Curse

Sitting at the bar of a posh hotel does wonders for a woman's self-esteem. Last Saturday, as I was stirring three olives in my exxxtra dirty martini at the XYZ bar of the W hotel, I caught a whiff of my own freshly washed hair and thought to myself, "Damn, I smell good." Needless to say, I was feelin myself that night and I am not the least bit ashamed, because it was ALL ME. And it's been a while since I genuinely felt good about myself without the validation from someone else.

The best part was I felt good for every woman in that room.

With their long, shiny hair smelling like orgasm in a bottle. With their four-inch stilettos and tight fitting dresses that hug every curve of their bodies. With their plump lips, beautiful smiles, and batting eyelashes. With their cute laughs, and raspy voices.

Slim, thick, tall, short - women are fucking gorgeous. Even some of the ugly ones lol. We smell good, and have soft skin. And the really awesome ones? They speak their minds and stand their ground all while still making you feel like the motherfucking MAN.

It may come effortless to some, while the rest of us take nearly an hour to get ready but either way we take pride in ourselves and care about how we look when we step outside the house and spend an evening with YOU.

Even my man friend I was hanging out with that night said, "Women are the best thing ever to come into a man's life." I shook my head and laughed. I'd like to agree. It's no wonder some of yall can't be with just one.


♥ audrey said...

yes! love it esp the last line lol so true

Se7en said...
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Mouf.Peace said...

Yes yes I am well aware that not all women smell good and what I think may smell good the next person won't. N one of my favorite things about a man is the way they smell when they get out the shower. N shit when I went camping I'm sure I didn't smell like roses. But this post isn't about any of that n to constantly have to write a disclaimer for every single post is not only unnecessary n irritating but it just looks aesthetically bad. Im pretty sure I have at least 5 posts talking about how looks aren't everything, I know off bat my Halle berry post is one of them. U can't go to a bar n just look at a person, not talk to them n know they're beautiful on the inside (disclaimer time: i am aware my perception of beauty differs from the next persons) so this is just me writing about how I enjoyed my sat night, n was feeling good to b a woman ... But now I'm not so sure if I feel good anymore about it lol jk

Mouf.Peace said...

P.S. Too bad they didn't sell "personality" enhancers in the spans aisle lol

Se7en said...

Abi, we read and respond - even if alone, by ourselves, in thought while reading a book or magazine, where we have no way of sharing such thoughts.

What I wrote was simply my initial reaction (i.e. thought) to what you wrote and I in no way intended it to be negative. It was simply a male perspective and reflection on the topic at hand. It would not be a blog with comments allowed if that were not the case, right? You know my intent was not to bring you down or in any way taint what you wrote. It was simply what I wished to share (by way of response) in the moment.

Feel good! I certainly do not have the power to take that away from anyone (and would never wish to).

yoshi said...

amen to that!

derrick said...

co-sign times 10 bruja !! women are the best thing since sliced bread