Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Head Over Heels

DAMN. This song used to be my pajama-jammy-JAM! Quit playin. It's a beautiful day outside, it's about to be for the next two, I got a half day tomorrow, and Nas is looking all skinny in the face and scrumptious in the vid. Can one of you DJs play this song at the club so I can crush on the next person that walks by me so I can dance with them? Thanks. Yeah, I'm totally giggin in my seat at work right now, and you should be too!

"You prolly heard that my pipe game tight,
Rockin VVS stones, powder blue whips with egg headlights ..."

p.s. I think it's funny how I still remember all of the lyrics to this song and can't remember shit from algebra lol. #educationfail


Byron said...

This was my shit too! I still remember Nas' verse... and can't remember shit from algebra lol. #educationfail

Mouf.Peace said...

o thank god lol. we prolly would've sat in the back of the class together. good to know i'm not alone!