Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 Days and 40 Nights

Let me just get this out there right now: I am a bad Catholic. Matter fact, I might even be a better Buddhist, but I digress. However, if you're a "good" Catholic you are probably giving up a vice today in acknowledgment of Lent to which I say bravo my child of the Lord, bravo. But if you're giving up a bad habit like smoking cigarettes ... why not just make Lent 365 days a year then? Just sayin.

Anyway, like I said I'm not a good Catholic so I will be giving up ... NOTHING! Well, maybe meat on Fridays ... or maybe not. I gave up rice one time and as a Filipina I believe that should 1) be a sin in itself, and 2) give me a free pass to heaven. All I know is if I do give up something, it will be for the same reason I got my college diploma. To prove to myself that I can accomplish something if I really put my mind to it.

Coincidentally, today marks the first day of me attempting to minimize eating out and maximize my paycheck. I went grocery shopping Monday but got busy and didn't get a chance to prepare food until last night. So as inspired by my girl Tee, I will be chronicling my meals until I get the results I want or get lazy of blogging them - whichever comes first lol. Sometimes it helps to see proof. Hopefully, this combined with starting my new gym membership that forces me to go 3x a week, my body will be so bangin that I wanna fuck myself!

So I didn't buy these. But I've never seen them before. And I'm kinda salivating at the thought.

I was in such a rush shopping, I didn't realize my fucking cart was full. Surprisingly, I only spent $95 and that's on food that should last me about 2 weeks! I guess healthy food is cheap 'cuz nobody wants to fucking eat it. Even if I ate out only on the weekends, I'd still save at least $100 if I stick to this.

Lunch today will consist of a veggie scramble. Looks digusting but was delicious. Egg whites, avocado, broccoli, mushrooms, and a little goat cheese because I can't cut out on fatty goodness cold turkey. I just can't.

But for breakfast, it was strawberries and low fat cottage cheese. The tuna salad is my mid morning snack, and I have peanut butter and celery sticks for my after lunch snack.
I'm lucky in the sense that I actually think all these things taste good. Not as good as Nick's Crispy Tacos, but good nevertheless. I'm also lucky to have inherited my moms genes which mean I don't have to do much to stay slim. But I still have to put in effort to stay FIT. And that's what I wanna be. If you have any exercises that make your stomach flatter but ass fatter, or got a healthy food recipe you'd like to share, holla!


Kat said...

I guess you won't be trying out my cupcake pops this weekend.

Mouf.Peace said...

NO! the cake pops are free, therefore, i can eat it lol.

Se7en said...

"If you have any exercises that make your stomach flatter but ass fatter..."

Low fat diet, cardio (that is where people make a huge mistake - even 1k crunches a day will not flatten your stomach if you are not burning calories) and squats with weights. Not only will squats work your hamstrings and quadriceps, but they will work your glutes too. You can also do standing glute kickbacks which... you guessed it... work the booty specifically. No loss... only gain (and toning).

Mouf.Peace said...

yessss, u can't see the muslce when it's under a layer of fat lol. i actually run every week. but i find that while it works out my legs, i lose my ass =/ wah

Se7en said...

Running will do that... and I know you run often.

Try squats for a month and see if it gives you the results you seek. If you add weights... it will add to your backside (as opposed to simply toning that area).

Gotta be ready for that 5 minutes lol! ;)

Se7en said...

You know what? This is a post that I am very glad you published. You do not know how many friends I have (hint - it is the majority - easily) who eat out at the very least, 4-5 times per week. And then they complain about their bodies AND their bank accounts. Not trying to judge, but it is like... do they not see the obvious correlation? Not only is eating out more expensive, but it is less healthy. They (restaurants) are not in the business of providing healthy food... they are in the business of preparing food that is as tasty as they can possibly make it. That makes for some meals that are chock full of calories and fats.

I once had a friend who was always complaining about money when they actually made a decent living. I immediately noticed that they never cooked for themselves or their family and that they ate out the abovementioned number of days per week. So I had them total up what they spent on food each week. The result? $200 - per week. I was shocked (and so were they - they could not afford it).

Some expenses in life you simply must swallow, but eating out is not one of them when you have the means to prepare a meal yourself.

I certainly am not suggesting never eating out. And if it is your money and you have earned it, spend it however you see fit. But 4-5 days per week is overboard. I actually worry about my friends' health in the long run when I learn of such habits - especially when they have children. Because not only are they setting a bad example for their children... but if they keep their habit up... over the years it is going to take its toll (and perhaps even their lives). When you eat like that AND you do not workout/exercise? Now THAT is a recipe for disaster (no pun intended).

ashley sade said...

Okay, well at least now I don't feel horrible not wanting to give up anything for lent LOL. I've always sucked at it anyways. Never been to an ash wednesday mass cuz I'm not trynna walk around wit some black shit on my forehead.. I always end up eating meat when were not suppose to & my choice of sacrifice never lasts.

But I was never the type to be super hardcore religious. I have plenty of faith, but I can't even remember the last time I went to church so why try to be all "holy" now u know? Haha idk but I'm definitely a bad catholic -__(\

Anonymous said...

Being a good catholic doesnt mean going to church or giving up anything for lent. Being a good catholic means being a good person through your actions and living out the gospel. You can go to church everyday and still be a person that doesnt practice what you preach.

Mouf.Peace said...

i completely agree! and without going into detail, i was actually being satirical by what i said. i would be forced to go to church when i was younger, and do nothing but think of cute boys and dance routines when i was there. totally defeated the purpose of going!