Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown

Amidst videos of people fighting over chicken, pancakes, the McRib, and cutting in line while waiting to skeet on a ho (WTF IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?) I actually found something of substance on WSHH.

Blair Griffith below, whose eyes are to die for and in my opinion resembles Tyra, Selita, and Rihanna is a prime example of how being "beautiful" doesn't guarantee anything in life. Fortunately, she is an even better example of how not to waste the pretty.

Years ago I wrote a piece called Pretty Girls Don't Cry on MySpace (yes that long ago) which you can read here. In short, it is about how women deemed attractive go through hardships just like everyone else. While it obviously has its perks, it does not make them exempt from things like a broken heart or low self-esteem. And when the pretty go through the ugly, they're expected to take it in stride and keep up this facade because on the outside everything is seemingly perfect.

This sounds like a "boo hoo woe is the gorgeous girl," sob story that doesn't hold a candle to real issues. But I think society has placed such heavy stereotypes on the way people look, that some of us don't know how to act.

Because the beautiful people have everything. They don't cry. They don't hurt. They're beautiful, they have no reason to. Look at him, he's so handsome. Good job, nice condo, always smiling. He must have his shit together. Did you see her the other night? Small in the waist, flawless face, breaking necks all over the place. Laughing 'til the very last drop of her drink she didn't pay for is gone. She must have it all.

But nobody posts pictures of frowning faces. And nobody captions them, "Bad times as usual!"

Looks can definitely be deceiving, and like Kanye said, "The prettiest people do the ugliest things." And when things all fall down, they don't discriminate. Luckily, Blair Griffith refuses to stop finding a way to make things come back up. She could be resentful, she could be broken. Hell, she could even start trickin. But instead, she's setting a good example to hundreds of women (and people in general) including myself, that take humble solace in knowing things could always be worse.

Audrey Hepburn (and my Hayati) once said, "The prettiest girls are the happiest girls," and I completely agree 'cuz I am one ugly motherfucker when I cry.


Se7en said...

I will probably post a follow-up to this but for now all I have to say is...

You actually look at videos on WSHH?!?! That site is full of viruses. Go there once and your computer has the equivalent of a STD.

Oh yeah, you have a Mac. Never mind.

Mouf.Peace said...

i thought u meant wshh is like an std cuz it consist of filth lol. i really need to stop checking out that site. sometimes i click on links and feel so ashamed afterwards! waiting for that follow-up.