Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Dirty!

I attended 3 birthday shindigs this weekend. How is it that everyone managed to get busy in June during the same weekend? Anyway, the highlight of the three was finally attending a show at Teatro Zinzanni for my favorite of favorites' 30th birthday.

Here she is ... Miss Americaaa ... with the boys, at the Intercontinental Hotel pre-gaming. Yes, old people still get down like that.
Me taking advantage of our custom "wet-bar" complete with Asti, strawberries, veggie sticks, and Hello Panda lol.
Me and my lovelies (and Cathy's boobs looking like a fresh pair of perky implants) in the back of the cab on the way to the dinner and a show. I finally got to wear my Rodarte for Target dress and pill box hat I bought over a year ago.
All the ladies inside the Teatro tent.
And finally, the birthday girl proving that 30s the new 20 she so caliente still! Happy birthday Ness!


Unknown said...


internet hugs can be just as good as drunk

thanks! SHAH!

Teeney said...

oooh i've ALWAYS wanted to go there!! hope you had fun!