Friday, December 17, 2010

Soul Stealers

"The only thing I wish? I wish a n*gga WOULD."

When you are truly passionate about something it becomes your passion. And when you're passionate about something - and I'm talking even more than I am about the Giants - it becomes your THING. Picasso's thing was painting. Charlie Parker's thing was the saxaphone. Michael Jordan's thing was basketball. My thing? Take a wild guess. And anyone whose "thing" is also my "thing" knows that plagiarizing is not only pathetic, but shameful, and a blow to ones own self-esteem as well.

I have ZERO tolerance for plagiarism. While no "concept" is original I write from my fucking heart (and ok sometimes vagina *ahem*) so take heed that you are not just stealing words from my brain, YOU ARE STEALING BITS AND PIECES FROM MY SOUL. And I am the fucking gatekeeper of this house. Likewise, I could never steal from someone else. Because not only does it not feel good when you get acclaim for it, but it's basically saying, "I am not good enough so I have to steal from someone else." And I don't fucking play that shit. GTFOH.

Time to start getting my shit copyrighted.


gailey said...


marrry, you're fkn great at what you do!! People know that and they envy you... so they cop yo shit and claim it to be their own! I feel sad for them. HAHA.

Anonymous said...

I hear that missy. it's high time you wrote a dang book! what are you waiting for? your fans are waiting on you. Shut the haters down! La Eve!

ashley sade said...

wow, put them on BLAST! i wanna see whos copying u lol