Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top 3 Movies of 2010

One thing I did a lot of this year, which really isn't different from any other year, is watch movies. It's a favorite past time of mine and never gets old. So here are my Top 3 movies of 2010:

Black Swan: This movie, which I watched just last night was like one big, awesomely bad, ecstasy trip. But what would you expect from Darren Aronofsky? Helloooo Requiem for a Dream? I got 2 words for you: double headed dildo, read about it lol. This time I got 2 names for you though: Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, which are 2 reasons alone that you should watch this film. Asides from the young and beautiful though, Black Swan was a psychological thriller in every sense. It was also a dark little glimpse of a world that is normally seen as light and fluffy. Rodarte did NOT fail, and I definitely think Portman deserves a nomination for this role ... or at least a hot tub.

Get Him to the Greek: This film was by far my favorite comedy of the year and quite possibly up there with Top 10 comedies of all time. Russel Brand being aloof, and Jonah Hill being funny was expected but the real breakthrough star in this film was none other than Puff Daddy aka P-Diddy aka Diddy aka Diddy Dirty Money WTF. I seriously laughed the during the ENTIRE "furry walls" scene and was crying. As in my eyeliner was all fucked up and I practically had snot running out my nose from laughing. Definitely watching it again ... lit ... no "Jeffreys" though lol.

Toy Story 3: And of course my favorite movie of the year would be a cartoon about TOYS, but what can I say? 29 going on 10. This movie just brought me back to the basics in every sense of the word. It just reminded me of the simple things that make us happy in life and made me appreciate raw creativity, something that I believe is lacking in today's high-tech world. AND YES. I cried like a big baby at the end. DON'T JUDGE MEEEEEE!

Honorable mentions: Inception, Machete, and The Social Network. What are YOUR top 3 movies of 2010 and why?

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