Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dev Makes My Booty Bounce

By now, I'm pretty sure yall have heard of Dev, the former Hellz intern who as Lawn said, "Has officially made it."

If not, maybe this will ring a bell. Yes, yes. That infamous slizzard hook? Hers.

Well she's back with her latest single and I am officially a fan. 'Cuz if you wanna get with me there's some things you gotta know - I like my beats fast and my BASS DOWN LOW #true story.

1 comment:

Se7en said...

You like your beats fast and your bass...

By white girls? lol

(You know you woke singing Kelly Clarkson this morning? ;)

Throw in some Lykke Li and your day is a good one!

(I love Kelly and Lykke Li - as I [believe I] said before - this chick... not so much)

I am going to send you a record and see what you think! It is right up your alley! T.I. went to jail and you [posted] bail[ed] on "urban" music!

(Just kidding Abijail ;)