Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa, Baby

Dude, my Christmas list this year looks like it belongs to a 9 year-old cross-dressing athlete.

Nevertheless, I've been a real good girl ;o)
Christmas List

What's on YOUR Christmas list?


Se7en said...

Entourage: The Complete Seasons 1-6.

I have everything else. That show is amazingly dope. Too bad I was late catching on to it.

janet anne said...

Ooh, I hella want Nike Frees too! :)

Mouf.Peace said...

7 - i only watched a few of those entourage eps and they were so addicting. i know u seen the one with lauren london right???

janet - they are SOOO comfy to run in

Se7en said...

The two episodes with "New New" were the first ones that I ever watched (I checked into a hotel suite to ring in the New Year '08 and while waiting for "someone," I happened to catch an Entourage marathon on HBO). I liked it a lot... but was anxious at the time so I really did not pay as much attention to the show as I should have. Now I know why people are fans... the show is one of the best TV has to offer. Addicting is right!

Reminds me a lot of my life in the past.