Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Oh yes, you will be mine.

The Js, not the chicks lol.


ashley sade said...

ive been markin' down my calendar for the space jams too :]

Se7en said...

I usually NEVER say things like this...

But that picture is Black Rob (i.e. WHOA!)

And I am not talking about the J's.

(Never been into them)

Mouf.Peace said...

haha. i'm not the BIGGEST fan. i don't collect Js or anything, but I love the XIs and IVs. Those are the only 2 I'd buy. and yes, the pic is dope too lol.

ashley do u know if u can cop online or just in store?

ashley sade said...

hm, well i know its confirmed that theyre a general release.. so u can literally find them anywhere. idk bout online, ill find out for u later today & send u a text.

ashley sade said...

okay, well nm bout the text. i hit up jay and he said u can cop them online but its finna be a lot harder.

DJ CMC said...

all my friends got their pairs already...i havent got mines yet...still rockin my OG space jams

i got you!

Se7en said...

I keep coming back to this post.


Goodness that picture is dope!

I would say more but nah... 'Tis not my style.