Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa, Baby

I always like making a Christmas wishlist 'cuz I find it amusing ... as well as ironic considering that I hate the holidays and only find joy in buying other people gifts (I know, I'm a ruh-tard) but I've been extremely good this year so I figured it wouldn't hurt. Upon putting this list together, my mind went blank after the 3rd item and I realized I really am getting old 'cuz I didn't want much. With the exception of the Ipod Nano and Canon Digicam which I'll eventually buy for myself one of these days, I think I'm a pretty simple girl. I love Polyvore in case you couldn't tell. If you click on the link you can see item deets. P.S. I really want the matching Hello Kitty ear muffs instead of the gloves pictured here but I couldn't find the exact ones online lol. They're the same price though $14 I think!

Abi's 2009 Christmas List
Abi's 2009 Christmas List by Hot.Sizzle on

But of course what I'd love the most this Xmas is if you donated to one of my favorite causes: Polar Bear Conservation, Pit Bull Rescue, and Cancer Research. That's what I'll be doing!

What's topping YOUR list this year?


yoshi said...

ok i wanna make my xmas wishlist now too

DJ CMC said... are sooooo easy!

to shop for! LOL

ok heres my list:
1. 2010 Audi R8
2. New MacBook Pro
3. George Foreman Grill
4. artwork for the apt
5. Red Ryder BB Gun
6. and that shit i used to eat back in the day...whats it call..oh yeah, PUSSY!

merry christmas ^.^