Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

Yesterday I woke up still drunk from the bff's birthday party the night before, and I had less than an hour to shower, get ready, get food, and get money before I went to see Henry at The Skull and Sword. I was hungover as shit, had bubble guts, and barely ate. I was scared that I'd either yack, shit on myself, or pass the fuck out under the needle. Luckily neither happened. Instead, I came out with this beauty of a tattoo which of course symbolizes my love for writing.

I got this piece done as well as a touch up on another tat. Under the skillful hand of the Henn-dogs, I was finished in about an hour and a half at the most - although it felt like an eternity. I guess that's what happens when it feels like someone is dragging a knife clear across ur stomach. Whoever says tattoos don't hurt is a goddamn liar. This was probably my most painful one to date (next to my foot) but well worth it. I can't wait to see how it looks once it heals and the lines are cleaner and shading deepens.

For those of u who live in the Bay Area, that want quality work done, I highly suggest Henry at the Skull and Sword. Sure, I wanted to punch him in the face as he was working on me but he's a cool dude when he's not sticking needles in my ribs. And most of all he's an AMAZING artist!


yoshi said...

aw damn! now i gotta think of another tattoo lmaooooo - been trying to get a quill on my forearm for the longest time, just no time and no money - WAH - looks GRRRRRREAT! (tony the TOIGAH!)

Se7en said...


Where is it located exactly?

And Abi, it is time to wife her (writing). You are wrong for keeping her as a side chick. Fate is telling you that that other chick should be relegated to the "mistress" role in your life (cannot call her the other word ;).

I have seriously been contemplating getting a tattoo lately but...

1. My mother would never approve. And even though I am *muffled sound* years old... I still respect her enough to listen to her.
2. Technically, I am not supposed to get one.

But hmmm...

(Check yo email yo!)

Mouf.Peace said...

yosh - just get it! fuck it! i'm firm believer in getting something if u REALLY want it even if hella other people have it.

7 - it's on the right side of my ribs and goes a little bit towards my stomach toward the bottom.

Se7en said...

How much does an original of this photo cost?

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

(You still need to push those modeling shoot/photos since you finally hooked up your PayPal. Cha-ching Abi. I just made you some mun-ay! *Light bulb* Tweet that, tweet that ©Puffy lol ;)

DJ CMC said...

FUCK I SOO WANT A new tattoo now!

Unknown said...

yes...henry is AMAZING! he finished my shit in about an hour and a half too and i wanted to scream the whole time. he even made a quick sketch for alex's cover up tattoo! WOO HOO! i showed alex and he said.."MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!" hahaha!

cataLin0 said...

i'm sure it jacked yo ribs up too.
i want one, but i'm a perfectionist and idealist :P so it'll be a while before I can come up with something I can live and die with hehe
DOPE though~

janine said...

Abi im so confused. i have your blog on my bookmarks AND i know your url by heart. everytime i come onto your blog pages itlike blogs have been deleted. this one is always coming up first but i know you have done another after this? am i the only one having this problem??