Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No Excuses

"Just remind yourself that his issues really have nothing to do with you. He doesn’t know what he wants but more importantly, he doesn’t know how and is too scared to go after it. You scare him, you represent everything he wants and is afraid to go after. You represent failure but his, not yours. It’s not about him seeing you in his future, it’s about him being too insecure to believe he actually deserves someone as awesome as you. He can’t believe in you if he doesn’t believe in himself, he can’t take a chance on you if he’s not willing to take one on himself. So he immerses himself in his career because that's the only thing he has control over. His chances of failure are greater with you."




Anonymous said...

Everything you just said is exactly what I've been feeling but towards him. Does that mean i'm just not into him? Why am I making excuses for us not working out? I really like him and I really want us to work. But i'm too scared and insecure :(

Mouf.Peace said...

i dunno mama. the way i see it, and this is just ME - whether ur scared, in ur deathbed, or about to get delployed, if u really like a person u'll find a way to make it work. however, if ur genuinely scared and insecure, and those issues are so deep u still can't take the plunge, just know another person isn't going to get u over that. u have to want it. they may help u and hold ur hand, but u gotta walk.

NeeCee said...

OMG! I have a gurl that's going thru this right now...I couldn't have put it better! thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder. Today was one of the harder days of this damn rollercoaster of emotions that I am on and cant wait to get the fuck off. :( I was reading your comment to the other anonymous, and you are so right, if the person really likes you they will find a way to make it work. Thank you again..

Unknown said...

"It’s not about him seeing you in his future, it’s about him being too insecure to believe he actually deserves someone as awesome as you."

The guy I've been wanting to be with for 3 years now told me last month that the main reason he's not with me now is because he thinks he needs to improve or that he doesn't deserve me right now. Dagger to my fuckin' heart when I read those words above. D;

We've been friends for 3 years & waiting for that long is making me go crazy. I haven't talked to him since we had that talk. Idk if kicking him out of my life was a good idea cuz I STILL fuckin' think about him. It hurts to be his friend because he talks & hangs out with other girls, but what the hellz am I supposed to say? He's single.

Catch 22, much? Story of my fuckin' life.

xo Nicole