Friday, February 25, 2011

TGIF - WAH Edition

3 things:

1) I rarely ask yall for favors but I've been wanting to play this song on repeat since I first heard it during her show at Yoshi's last November. It's a really cute, happy song. So if you or someone you know just so happens to have it or a legit link to where I can download it ... holla at a homegirl. Pretty please? I'll write, post, and dedicate a haiku in your honor! Or I dunno, think of something lol.

2) MISSING: If you see this girl, please report her to Thanks. Was going through old pics on my laptop and came across this. I don't even fucking look like this anymore - double wah!
3) OK, this is only half a wah 'cuz I hate the rain. Buuuuut I know U C IT! Those little snowflakes on Saturdays forecast that is. If it happens I'm pretty sure I'm gonna cry lol.

Alright, have an amazing weekend everybody!

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