Friday, February 18, 2011

TGIF - Life in Pictures Edition

'Cuz it's been a slow blogging week, but busy month for me.

Happy bday to the other Abi!
She got it MADE.
The man behind the pigeon.
Walk the field with Giants at AT&T park: CHECK!
Purple sunsets in the Sunset.
I couldn't decide so my fat-ass got both!
(Braised pork and pork belly bun from Chairman Bao)
Iron Man doing what he does best, the robot!
Chorizo breakfast on a beautiful Saturday morning.
Followed by a Gordan Biersch lunch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
Taking score for Triple Double at the Oracle (i die now)
Walk the court with Warriors at the Oracle Arena: CHECK!
Wasted with Nic at the Dub game afterwards.
E$ to the rescue this Valentine's Day
(as usual ;o)
My second, first game of the season w/ the homie D!
Ribs, sweet tea, and the game. Only way to spend a rainy Tuesday.
And finally, the newest addition to the Tooter fam: Scar!
I just wanna butter her up!
Hoping to make more memories this weekend. Have a good one everybody!


Se7en said...

Ahhh! Those heels! ;)

Vk Ng said...

Omg those heels <333333333

Mouf.Peace said...

of COURSE my fave heels are the most PAINFUL ones omg. steve madden must've been a bitter ex-bf of mine in a previous life cuz them bitches HURT! but thnx at least i know the pain is appreciated haha.