Friday, February 4, 2011

Cupid's Little Helper

It is now Friday, and 10 days away from Valentine's Day *dun dun dunnn* so I'm sending you off into the weekend with some gift suggestions for the ladies. And don't worry fellas, I got yall in the next post.

-Um HI. I fucking love this dress. It's sexy, fun, and in one of my favorite colors. Now if only I had some place to wear it, wah. Purchase your Hellz Cheated Hearts Dress here!
-When I was younger my boyfriends used to give me mixed tapes with cheesy hand written covers that read "143-637," and I fell for that shit everytime! What can I say? Right after my stomach, the way to my heart is through my ears. But because I'm sure some of yall have never even seen a cassette tape, here's a convenient link to some Valentine's EarCandy.
-For a no fuss but unique Valentine's Day dining experience, try American Cupcake on Union St. where not only do they have RED VELVET CHICKEN WITH CREAM CHEESE MASH POTATOES and every single kind of p&b sammich you can think of, but also beer and wine cupcake pairings. That shit should be illegal. For anyone that does go please let me know the must haves, I dying to check it out!
-Because a girl can never have enough clothes, one more swag plug. Nothing says V-Day like pink and hello kitty. So don't forget to cop your Adapt x Ashley Vee collabo gear in both colorways, and click here to check out details for this weekends meet & greet.
-If all else fails - EVERY GIRL LOVES FLOWERS, especially when they're sent to her work. I promise you regardless of what kind you send, she will appreciate them ... long as they're not "I'm sorry I cheated on you with your best friend," flowers.
-I'll do an actual Valentine's Day post when the time comes but in the mean time you can read what I wrote last year here, and what Jozen of Until I Get Married wrote here because I agree with it 100%. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, it's gonna be a gorgeous one in the Bay :)

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