Monday, February 21, 2011

More Than Good

Before you read this post, it's imperative you watch this video game trailer first. Just do it. Please. Thank-you.

Are you done crying yet? OK good. Hopefully the rest of this blog doesn't make you cry even more.

After watching what I believe is the best video game trailer (if not best trailer PERIOD) I've seen in forever, there were a few things I wanted to do:

1) Play the game
2) Watch the movie I hope they make of the game
3) Cast the movie that doesn't exist yet
4) Have sex with whoever plays the dad in this movie that doesn't exist yet and
5) Hug every single dad I know (and don't know) that was a man about his shit, and took responsibility for his children despite the circumstances.


While this originates from something as silly as a video game trailer about an island of zombies, I'm dead serious (no pun intended) about this post. They say the effects of a girl not having a mother in their life, and a boy not having a father in his life are traumatic. That it just wouldn't be the same if a father took his daughter shopping for a prom dress, or if a mother taught her son how to play baseball. I totally see the legitimacy in that. It's almost like me not having any girlfriends, regardless of how much I may be "one of the boys" (i said almost). But I still think it's hard either way, to have one or both of your creators look down at you and think, "Nope. Not worth it," and walk away.

I know that's not exactly how it happens, but coming from someone whose father's signature isn't even on her birth certificate, trust me - that's how it feels. Every story is different, and every "situation" is meant to be justified but I just can't fathom how you can look yourself in the mirror every morning while you let someone of your own flesh and blood walk around the Earth as if they didn't exist.

Where is this all coming from? It's coming from the obvious (albeit digitally created) bond, and love the father has for his daughter in this trailer ... and from the heart of a 29 year-old little girl who no matter how independent, strong, and confident she is, will always feel as if she wasn't good enough when someone, especially a man walks away from her.

THANKS A LOT "DAD." LOL, I'm kidding ... but I'm not. I always comment on how I got lucky to have had him leave before I was born so that I didn't get used to having him in my life and then disappearing when I was old enough to remember him. But the older I get, the more I realize it's equally as traumatic. The more I look at my life and realize the crazy isn't as crazy as I thought. It actually makes perfect sense ...

... unlike this post. Sorry, no moral or witty conclusion to this one. Just a rant, and a sigh, and a plea: (parents should be there for their children regardless but personally speaking) Fathers, please be dads to your daughters. Hug them tightly, tell them they are beautiful. Make them feel as if they have the ability to be anything they want to be. And in the most humble way possible, let them know that no man will ever be good enough for them but that you will welcome the man that comes close.

And if you can't. Here, I will tell them for you: You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are intelligent. And most of all? You aren't good enough. You're more than that.


Chase said...

So I watched this trailer 3 times and yeah, I'm gonna need this to be a movie lol. But this post really struck a nerve w/ me. My dad has been around all 24 yrs of my life and I although he annoys me and nags me, I have no idea what I would do without him. I have no idea how my life would be now w/o him. I def wouldn't be a punk (my mom is a BEAST lol)but he's played a significant role in my life and I'm gonna make sure whoever I end up marrying knows how important it is to be in my child's life.

Mouf.Peace said...

chase, that is AWESOME. even if he doesn't understand, it's just good to have him THERE. and even more nice to know he willingly chose to stay. give ur dad a big hug for me haha.