Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Monday

This past week was filled with live music and some of my favorite people on Earf. So in honor of that (and the fact that I'm still half asleep and can't write a blog of substance), here's what's currently on repeat today.

Never Gonna Give You Up - Raphael Saadiq, CJ Hilton, and Stevie Wonder
Lurrrve the old school feelin on this track.

Right Here - Goapele
Asides from Bruno Mars, I was lucky enough to catch the beautiful Goapele at Yoshi's in Oakland last night. This is my favorite track so far off her new album.

Heavy - CJ Hilton feat. Tyga and Fat Joe
And my favorite of them all, which I am playing the fuck out as I type.

"I wanna get you outta your clothes, and into my bed
Baby that's only if you're ready, Ooh it's getting heavy
Slammin the doors, so bring your body right here
And I'll make you love it if you let me
Ooh it's getting heavy, Girl it's so hard ..."

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