Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Sayin

There you go again.
Lookin all fly and shit.
Got my girls all flustered and shit.
Even got the dudes all yes homo and shit.
I'd hit?
Shiiit, I'm just sayin.

'Cuz it should really be illegal for you to have that shade of stare.
That hue of baby-blue, can't fucking look directly at you,
'Cuz I'm not ready to have babies.
We just datin, and I ain't playin ... I'm just sayin.

And I ain't even gonna lie, there's other guys ...
But right here? Right now? There's no way, no how
You ain't my main visual. Them? They just peripheral.
And I don't need no prescription to see that you could possibly be the one.
Dont trip - I'm just sayin,

But I'm also sayin,
I just got out of sumthn
And to be honest, I kinda wanna have fun?
Correction - I AM having fun.
Not doing him or doing him, but doing ME.
So please R-E-S-P-E-C-T and - B-E-Z
Is all I'm sayin.

'Cuz once it's you and me - IT'S YOU AND ME
I ain't hittin and just quittin ...
It's just that. Well.
I'm a little scared of the commitment.
But maybe things could be different?
I'm just sayin though.

Would you be mad if I wanted to save the best for last?
Not that I'm asking you to wait.
Not that I'd make you wait to begin with.
I'm. just. sayin.


raaachem said...

i'm not even gonna say anything.

Stace said...

damn, said the words beautifully out of my mind. if you don't mind i reblogged this on my tumblr. http://stackss.tumblr.com

Mouf.Peace said...

rach - no need to say anything *ping* does deaf hand sign lol

stace - aw of course, i'm totally flattered thanks :)