Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Great Pretender

Let's play pretend.

Let's pretend me and you like each other. So much that when no one's looking I lay my head on your shoulder and let you kiss me on my forehead and when someone catches us? I don't even tell you to stop. So much, that I actually let you hold my hand.

Then after that let's pretend we really, really like each other. So much that I fall asleep next to you at night and make breakfast for you in the morning. So much that I put my guard down long enough for you to deliver a right hook to my heart. So much that, get this - we fall in love. And we do all the tender shit that couples in love do like go on tropical vacations together or stay in bed all day being fat, watching tv, talking about everything in the world but doing absolutely nothing at all.

Let's pretend shall we, that we can see into the future. And all you can see is you, being happy with me. I know it sounds crazy, but remember we're just playing pretend. So then let's pretend we chase dreams together - and catch them. And you wake up in the morning to breakfast in bed, with a side of head, and as you shower for work I walk to work ... in our living room. And then we have the same dream one night where we both wake up with the same last name. (I'm sorry but I'm hyphenating mine.)

Then let's pretend it's not a dream. And I look fly as hell in my custom Monique Lhuillier gown and you are the most handsome groom I've ever seen. Let's pretend I can't wait for the priest to hurry the fuck up so I can kiss my new husband already. Let's pretend we have the most crackin wedding ever with food so good guests wanna slap us, and all the groomsmen get Roly's and all the bridesmaids get Louboutins.

Let's pretend Boracay and Santorini are absolutely GORGEOUS. And we can't remember which country we conceived our first child in. But it doesn't matter anyway because we have three more ;) It's fun to play pretend huh?

So how about for now, we just pretend. That. I don't have commitment issues. And you don't have a past. Let's pretend mine isn't so recent. And I'm not scared and confused and lost and bi-polar and FUCKING LOCA. Let's pretend that once I let you in, you're not going to be kicking and screaming to get the fuck out. Let's pretend I know what I want and the fact that most of your friends are married with children has nothing to do with anything. Let's pretend that everytime my phone rings and its you - I don't hesitate to answer. Let's pretend I'm not going to push you away and you're not going to let me.


?onnel said...

light hearted jabs and a cross of reality to knock ya out. My favourite combo. Loved this.

Yesi Jukebox said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

our desire for sex is there to propel us toward marriage. sex with one person forever. thats real sex. dont shy away from it.

marie said...

i don't know if you have super powers and you're just in a complete stranger's head (mine) or my stars are aligned and they gave me your writing to read... but it seems as if your posts lately relate to everything i'm going through (and i'm sure what a bajazillion other girls are going through). it's like you put my emotions into words that i couldn't think of.

Mouf.Peace said...

?onnel - just an obvervation (sorry if it's wrongly assumed) but i've noticed u tend to be fond of my freestyle posts on what i'd like to call "being a hopeless romantic." i LOVE that :)

yesi - thanks mama!

anon - hmmm that's very interesting, i'm gonna have to marinate on that one for a bit

marie - no one's ever alone mama! and unfortunately, i do not have super powers wah!

Unknown said...

I've said it before and I'l say it again...YOU ARE AWESOME! I truly enjoyed this!

Mouf.Peace said...

thanks love :) glad u enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I love love your blogs! This one is probably one of my favorites.. you are a great writer! ;)

Anonymous said...

woooow. are we living the same life right now? i loved this oh so much, i might just repost it! i love your blog abi! :]

Mouf.Peace said...

anon - aw thanks, i think it might just be one of my faves too!

sindy - are u a happy camper right now? if so then yes, we are living similar lives right now ;) i love ur face! lol