Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Currently on Repeat

You Be Killin 'Em~Fab
"Shorty in the streets, still handle the home
Enough class for wine, still handle Patron
When them other hoes call I hand her the phone
And she hand 'em the tone..."

All the Way Turned Up~Roscoe Dash feat. Soulja Boy
Because this song is Sergio Romo's entrance music and makes me wanna act ignorant lol. SORRY.

Fall for Your Type~Jamie Foxx feat. Drizzy
"That's why I'm a take you anywhere you wanna go, let you meet my friends
So they can lecture me again about how reckless I have been
And I'm slowly runnin outta all the time that I invested,
Making all the same mistakes and I'm just trying to correct it"

All of the Lights~Kanye feat. everybody and they mama
Although, I would've preferred Alicia's part longer and MIA or Santagold instead of Fergie

Wonderland~Natalia Kills
(thnx to the Hi Life ;)
"I don't believe in fairy tales. But I believe in you and me"

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