Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body"

Both physically and mentally.

Just got my ass handed to me at the gym ... and it never hurt so good!

The good news is: I'm in a lot better shape than I thought. The even better news is: I don't have much fat to burn so I can pretty much eat whatever I want (long as I don't go crazy) and still get toned.

Yall are gonna hate me for this and wonder why I'm even working out, but here is my stomach (which is my main concern) today. I hope in a few months (or weeks even) I'll be able to wash my laundry on it. Remember, I don't want to lose weight - I want to tone up and be stronger.

Again, both physically and mentally.

Can't wait to post results!


yoshi said...

aaaaand i hate you. but seriously tho. my abs (i DONT have any, actually i DO, but its under about 3 layers of fat, I KID YOU NOT), how the hell do i get that shit in order?! ok yea, whatever, ab work - duh, but seriously? does hardly anything for me - i have NO CORE. wah.

ashley sade said...

that was some quick ass results! lol

Mouf.Peace said...

haha naw that wasnt my results yet this is my "before" pic lol!

ashley sade said...

MAN.. id be happy if my stomach can even look like ur "before" pic lmao