Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In the Red Earrings, You're Pretty ...(they're hot pink, but thanks)

A womens best accessories *wink*wink*

White chocolate kisses.

"Oh my God it's Duane Ramos of ComposurE!!!!!!!"

Me, Q, Ferl, and Rach

All I'm missing is Edward.

The Toyose Threesome



ashley sade said...

i see ur swoop is back! china doll or swoop, they BOTH look good on u. i just chopped mine and im sorta not feelin' it as much. i feel like i looked cuter with my swoop and i miss it already lol.

Mouf.Peace said...

thanks ash! but yah, haha the swoop is back and in full effect. unfortunately it was also a hot mess that nite, it was so hot in there my curls went straight.

krisYEE said...

why do you use the moded picture of me and debs?! lol