Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Fly bitches using their sex appeal to make a dent in the music industry is nothing new. Call it degrading, call it sexist. Regardless of what u wanna call it - it's there and I ain't mad. My two favorite femcees are L-Boogie and the Ill Nana, Foxy Brown. And the two couldn't be any more opposite. I love conscious hip-hop and deep shit, but truth be told I rather sit through a cipha filled with gutta ass beats, metaphors, and punchlines any day. Blame it on dating battle rappers all throughout middle school and high scholol. Foxy may not be the most lyrical bitch on the block, but she was definitely raw. And when she freestyled on the Wakeup Show with then beau Kurupt? COME ON NOW. How much more romantical can u get? lol.

Back then Foxy and 'Lil Kim were rappers turned sexy symbols. But now it seems as if the industry has gone video vixen turned rap superstar. I remember seeing Angel Lola Luv for the first time in Trey Songz' Superwoman video and then in Kanye's Good Life video. OK, I never noticed her, I just noticed her freakishly huge ass. She then graced every hip-hop/black mens magazine there was before dropping the Angel and Luv and going by the rapper alias and boss bitch mentality of Lola Monroe *blank stare* but like I said, I ain't mad.

Then, in the opposite corner we have the 5 Star Chick, Barbie bitch, and leading lady of Young Money - Nicki Minaj. I first seen her walking along side Amber Rose back in the day. I thought she was gorgeous so I googled her and came across The Jump Off 2. But it wasn't until I heard "Itty Bitty Piggy," that I actually took a liking to her. Yah she's kind of crazy looking and has a tendency to roll her eyes to the back of her head (I'm sure the guys lurrve this lol) and probably doesn't write her own rhymes but the bitch got PRESCENCE. I came across an interview on YouTube that compared the 2 and Lola popped off on the subject so I decided to listen to her shit and sure enough, there are similarities both stemming from a 'Lil Wayne comparison.

Who bit off who? I dunno. Maybe they didn't. Either way, I've come to the conclusion that although I think Lola is flyer and spits harder - Nicki gets my vote. Her delivery is RIDONK just like her ass, and it takes a special woman to deliver Weezy's lyrics (i'm assuming he writes at least some of her shit). Peep the two vids below and tell me who u think rocked it best?


Anonymous said...

they suck. LOL.. they are horrible.. well nicki's OK, but compare them to their successors, they're garbage !!!

anyway, check out foxy's new song "Let em Know" featuring Lil Fame of M.O.P.

FOXBOOGIE baby ! :)

Mouf.Peace said...

haha i peeped it. and then i went back in time and peeped her old shit. she was hella hard in broken silence, bk anthem and that one track i forget the title but with the reggae dude lol. yes, fox boogie brown baby.

Unknown said...

Nicki scares me when she performs cuz her eyes look like they're about to pop out her head. hahaha. But yea babygirl has presence like you said. Her delivery is on point. She can definitely perform. Uhmmm, yea I heard Nicki Minaj first so when I heard Lola spit, I was like she sounds EXACTLY like Nicki.

The Barbie Movement is getting out of control tho. Almost EVERY bitch calls herself a Barbie nowadays. SMH