Thursday, January 21, 2010

Say What?! - Feelin My(old)self Edition

  • "The only people you need in your life,
    are the ones who need you in theirs"
  • Not the hardest of Nicki's songs but catchier than a bitch, and I'm feelin that Annie Lennox sample. It's a cute little radio friendly song. U can even call it bubble-gum, I'm sure she won't mind. Afterall she IS a Barbie bitch. I kinda love her lol.

    "Shawty I'm a only tell u this once, u the illest, And for ur lovin I'm a Die Hard like Bruce Reallist ..."

    I also suggest peepin the Rihanna reference track "Saxon," it's sexy, steezy, and hard all at the same time.

  • Thanks Lawn for my Melody Ehsani Pow ring that I've been wanting foreverrr. It's a 'lil big but don't think for one second I'm too booghie to wrap some tape around that bitch and MAKE IT FIT. (p.s. it looks like I have a boy cut in this pic. Gah it's high school all over again).

  • And this is for Anna down in SoCal. Yes, my nails "grow like fake," no cute-o-geyel necessary lol.

    Mani-pedi's are so frivolous, but for a girl like me, they work wonders. I didn't get my shit done for like a month and everyone surprisingly noticed. So as soon as they were long enough I drove over to Cindy's on Mission and let 'em hook me up. And when I was done, I couldn't help but look down at 'em and think to myself, "Oh ... there u are Hot.Sauce" lmao.

  • Work hard. Play harder. Las Vegas - it's where the MAGIC happens. See u at the Ava booth!


    Had to block out the dates in case I suddenly feel *cough* sick*cough* that week lol.


Se7en said...

"Hunny, shie [no] do yo nai rite?"


I am kind of digging the 'boy cut.'

(Even though it only looks like one)

yoshi said...

fack you're going to magic?!?! i was thinking of going too just to wild the fuck out and catch up with everyone but i'm trying to save money for pi.... WAHHHH - can we all go for aug???? =)

ashley sade said...

i like ur nails! they hella look like acrylics lol.

krisYEE said...

you+me+vegas=...don't even have the words to describe it. lol looks like some other brands are doing a suite as well so hopefully we'll get more traffic in. i wish you were coming earlier so you can roam magic with me.

Mouf.Peace said...

7 - i had my halle berry on in h.s. lol

yosh - going to suite!

ash - thanks! only thing that sucks is they can't do all that cool shit to real nayos, that's y i holler at u! haha

kris - i guess i should be brushing up on my wing-woman skeelz (as if u need help) lol

awna said...

i'm just that more conceited now. i got a shout out. aaaah i'm cool. i know abi and i can call her my friend. lol.

Mouf.Peace said...

anna - watch out. remember our talk about God checkin us when we get all conceited and shit lol. i've been good lately, maybe that's y i haven't broke out in a while lol.