Monday, January 11, 2010


Mariah, Ne-Yo - You two are fucking KILLING me.


Anonymous said...

It helps. I promise.

When a couple breaks up, the subsequent thought would be: it’s over, it’s definitely over (and even at times: “I want to die, there’s no more reason to live… blah blah drivel drivel”); but then, that’s not usually the case, cause there’s ALWAYS unfinished business whether they’d admit it or conceal it.

Those “lingering feelings” which result to unfinished business SUCK. You wouldn’t be able to fully recuperate from a break-up unless you push yourself hard enough to flush the whole relationship out of your system — moving on from the person and moving on from the person who you were when you were with him/her.

Indeed, it hurts to see your ex seeing someone else or flirting with someone else or courting/being courted by someone else but seriously… THINK THIS, “YOU’RE NOT TOGETHER ANYMORE” — so that “someone else” isn’t just a mere “someone” to your ex, that “someone else” is your sequel to your ex’s novel, the next chapter to his/her life. JUST DEAL WITH IT, it’s time to move on and continue writing your own story.

And then there are the exceptions, the “WHAT IF WE GET BACK TOGETHER” couple. Well guess what? It’s called a BREAK-UP cause it’s fucking BROKEN — now get the picture and tear it up. Stop fooling yourselves by toying with the idea of living in fairytalelandia. There is no such thing as “happily ever after”; you simply settle for the next best thing, whatever that may mean to you. Don’t waste your time repairing what’s broken if you know it’s definitely fucking irreparable. If you think it’s just minor and fixable then go ahead… just don’t say that nobody warned you.

One thing: You never completely recover unless you accept the plain and simple fact that it’s over between the two of you. Stop thinking and reminiscing the good shit and bad shit that the two of you used to do. Open your heart to potentials and other possibilities cause maybe, just maybe, they’re the ones who could rise you up from your slumber and lethargic moments. Maybe, there are others who deserve THAT fucking chance — you just tend to shy away from the thought. And maybe, you’re wasting a lot of opportunities just cause you’re too fucking scared to take a risk with THAT “someone else”.

Anonymous said...


Now, think this: how could you love yourself and give yourself the freedom that you wanted if you keep on traveling back in ANCIENT TIMES a.k.a. “past events with your ex”. Those are simply fleeting images that already HAPPENED, moments you wouldn’t be able to take back — and if you do, they’ll never feel the same way, idiot. Those pictures that keep on flashing in and out of your head, those “what used to be’s” that constantly replay in your mind over and over again – you need to get over them, you (and in this case, I as well) need to hit the stop button wherever it is cause you simply just have to, for you to finally let go and move on from all that self-inflicted misery.

Now, do this: Open yourself to greater insinuations. Take RISKS… GAMBLE, cause really, what have you got to lose? Stop immersing yourself in your own vulnerable pool and get the fuck out of there. Do something worthwhile and nourish your very own potentials, it’s never too late to meet strangers who could possibly meet your standards or perhaps even exceed them. Live life the way you should and free yourself from self-induced emotional pain or whatever excuse you’d like to call it.

That “someone else” may just be the next best thing, you’re just too damned preoccupied with your absurd reminiscent sentiments regarding your ex that you unconsciously neglect a good thing that’s right in front of you.

OPEN YOUR BLIND FUCKING EYES AND SEE THE GREENER SIDE – yea, love is bullshit (a made-up feeling for those who seek their destiny in make-believe fairy tales) but truly, there is a greener side to everything else; if you don’t like green, then fine, settle for black or whichever color that appeals to you.

If he/she doesn’t come running back to you… HE/SHE is definitely moving on or has definitely moved on. So stop jerking and wake the fuck up cause you’re just making an entire fool of yourself by even thinking that you’ll get back together and live happily ever fucking after. Seriously, don’t be pathetic, just get up and pull yourself together. Stop wasting your life and be the better person.

Mouf.Peace said...
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Mouf.Peace said...

"It's called a break up cuz it's broken" got that book, it's awesome and hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Monica - Once In A Lifetime