Friday, January 15, 2010

Regret Nothing

"Regret nothing," this is a concept that I still haven't fully grasped but would love to conquer. So much, that I even got it tatted as a constant reminder to never regret the things I've said or done because at that moment it's exactly what I believed in.

Consequently, a study shows that most people don't actually regret the things they've done. Most people regret the things they never got to do. Whether it be cliff diving in Waimea Bay or telling someone they love them. One thing I regret not doing, is posting this blog that I wrote back in June of 2009. Till this day I don't know why I let my fear get in the way of me posting it.

I know it's the past. And yes, the past does no longer exist. But after reading the following passage in a book today: "most of the fights, areguments, and disagreements we have with our friends, coworkers, family members, and especially with our significant otehrs come down to one fundamental issue: one or both of us isn't feeling appreciaeted" I thought it would be appropriate. It's not meant to change anything, just to remind u to be thankful, not on someones birthday, not on Thanksgiving, not after a disaster - but everyday. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and takes some time out to show their grattitude to those they truly appreciate in life.

Puppy Love (the original post)

Yesterday I had probably thee worst headache of my life. And I've had MANY. There was a point in my life where for a while I got migraines almost every day. I was almost positive I had some sort of brain tumor. Fortunately, the occurances subsided. I still get them from time to time but on a more normal basis. But yesterday I seriously wanted to shoot myself in the head to make the pain go away.

It started towards the end of my work day. And worsened as I was waiting for Bart. When I got back to my bf's house, I opened all the windows, put down all the shades, turned off all the lights, and just laid in bed. But I couldn't fall asleep 'cuz there was pressure coming from all sides of my brain that prevented me from finding a comfortable position.

When I called my bf he told me that I didn't have to pick him up at Bart anymore and that he'd just walk home 'cuz he didn't want me driving in so much pain. Before we hung up I started crying. I just wanted him to be next to me already. When he got home he kissed me on my forehead, gave me an Excedrin, and tucked me in bed. Then, he went to the store and came back with some food. He set up towels on the floor next to me in case I couldn't make it to the bathroom to throw up 'cuz I started to feel sick and I couldn't eat. I finally fell asleep, ears full of tears but in the arms of my boyfriend. I woke up the next morning feeling better and thanking God for having him in my life.

Last night he reminded me of why I was still with him despite numerous arguments, misunderstandings, and ultimately a rocky start. He's one of the most thoughtful and unselfish people I have ever met in my life and as much as I complain, I am really, really lucky to be loved by such a caring person. I barely mention him on here, (and this is probably the only time I ever will because I've learned from past mistakes it's better to keep things that u hold dear to u private) but I just wanted to take the time out to let him know how much I truly appreciate him.

Thank u.


The HI Life said...

awwww.. that is so sweet. I know what you mean about keeping those things dear to you private. as i read your post, its soo true that selfish acts of kindness hits you in a spot that reminds you that all the BS you both went through was all worth it. :)

i swear to god, reading your posts makes me feel like you are my sister from another mister. :)

linh said...

i tried to write a "smart" comment but after failing a few times, i just want to say that i love reading your posts. hahaha. they are all hitting a lot of aspects in my life right now, and so, thank you for letting me know that i am not alone. :)

Diana V. said...

awwwie you are just over all greatness !