Monday, January 11, 2010

Do Work Son!

For 2 years I donated to the Bally's Fund. What Bally's fund u may be asking? U know. The one where u pay $30 a month for 2 years of gym membership but only go for a total of 1 month all together. Making Ballys Total Fitness, my favorite charitable organization. FAIL.

The Dubb folks are having a Biggest Loser Challenge and although I'm not participating, (I'm actually trying to gain a little weight. I lost a gang during my D-Diet. Ass is gone and my jeans are disgustingly loose) I'm still supporting my girls by eating and living healthy .. or at least healthier. My goal is to have my stomach like it was when I first started go-go dancing, to be able to do the splits (don't ask lol), to run the lake at a continuous pace that is not equivalent to the speed people walk, and most of all - to be able to do at least 1 real pushup or pull-up. Honestly, a good source of motivation for me is watching the Road Rules/Real World challenges. I always think, I want to be the kick ass female on the team that DOES WORK and doesn't start huffin and puffin and complaining after running a flight of stairs.

I love how working out makes me feel once I'm done. I love blasting my Ipod while running on the treadmill and feeling the burn in my thighs when I'm doing lunges. It's the getting out of my house, and into my car, and driving to the gym itself that fucks me over. Once I'm on a streak, I'm unstoppable - but once I go on vacation or get sick or have the slightest hiccup in my routine, it's so easy for me to lose focus and start slackin.

Went to the gym today and renewed my membership for a year. I did pretty good for not having went since almost a year ago. 10 minute stretch and warm up, 20 minute cardio, 15 minutes on lunges and pilates floor exercises, and then about 10 minutes on the ab machine. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all wrong (lol) but at least I was productive. I just got back from grocery shopping and wanted to share my tips for making ur gym experience the least painful as possible if ur allergic to the gym like I am.
  • Go late. After peak time, which is usually after most people get off of work. During weekdays, I like to go around 8:30-9pm. That way I'm done by 10-10:15, home by 10:30. I shower, and then KO. Plus, I hate people. I like going when there's barely anyone there. U ain't gotta wait for machines and have the rooms all to urself. No one to look or feel stupid in front of, and no one to holler at u or stare at ur ass.
  • Have a workout partner. It makes the time pass faster and ur less likely to flake when u got someone else counting on u for motivation, my work out partner however, is just gonna kick my ass (Jay I am not looking forward to our first training sesh. Matter fact I hate u in advance!).
  • Don't wear makeup. Matter of fact, if ur serious about this don't ever expect to look cute at the gym PERIOD. U sweat and look greasy and turn red. At least I do lol. Trust me, u don't want to be the girl with a full set of makeup and hair did at the gym with the Playboy sweats and half shirt.
  • IPod, IPod, Ipod! Music really saves lives at the gym. I lagged on going for a month for the simple fact my old Nano broke (which reminds me, I have to name my new one). It just makes shit less boring. Plus, it drowns out all the grunting noises coming from the weight room.
And that's it! Not too complicated right? So good luck, and DO WORK! I hope in a few months I can post a pic with some awesome results.


yoshi said...

so i've had my gym bag laying out on the floor for the past few months and the bf took it and put it in storage to prove a point (after arguing with him that i WILL go to the gym and not to put it away)... alas... its been a month and i almost forgot about that bag - BAHAHAHHAA

good luck and can't wait to see the results!

ps - i'm going to the dr today bc i seriously think there's something wrong with my bloated stomach, i'm just hoping that the dr says "there's nothing wrong with your stomach, you're just fat."

ashley sade said...

girl. u need me to drag ur ass to ballys cuz i make sure i go at least 3-4 times a week lol. & yes an ipod is hella fuckn necessary when it comes to working out. i remember a few times ive had FML moments where i coulda sworn my ipod was in my bag when it wasnt & ill actually cut out just cuz i dont have my music lmao. ill try to listen to the gym shit they have playing silently over the intercoms but all that clinging from weights and grunting from men is hella distracting HAHA.

Mouf.Peace said...

omg yosh - there is nothing wrong with ur stomach, u just need to quit eating garbage and doing nothing, which is what i've been doing since august lol.

and ash - yes i know, i always see ur damna way messages about ballys ... and then i'd see ur messages about how u just cooked up and ate something hella fatty lmao.

tee said...

i wish we lived closer. i been doing hella hella work! we can work out 2gthr!