Monday, November 23, 2009

MIA 'cuz of LA

But I promise I'll be back on it tomorrow.
WTForks @ the New Moon premiere (-1)
Visiting Lawn at work.
The ladies and one lucky husband @ Hyde Lounge


krisYEE said...


Anonymous said...

Well aren't you ladies fuckin CUTE.!

Frankie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous women. By the way, where did you get your suede thigh highs from?! No homo but you rock them goooood =pw

Mouf.Peace said...

f21 kris!

rio and frankie: on behalf of my lady friends thanks!

and frankie: girrrrrl

Anonymous said...

aww u gooo my asian sistas!! yall are so hot...and yes the thigh high boots looked awesome on u n just like the ridiculously expensive ones too hehe! and thanks for the tip i went to the site and there were so many...i didnt know which to choose n with boots i feel like i really need to try em on so i had to pass :X but im still on the hunt @ stores haha

ps. hope u had a great turkeyday ;)