Monday, November 30, 2009

If Ignorance is Bliss, Why Aren't More People Happy?

I totally wrote a goddamn 5 page essay about people, females especially, who talk shit about go-go dancers (and assume instead of ask PERIOD) as if they personally know each and every one of them. But then I realized that I'd be giving these snatches waaaaay too much credit by publishing it. So instead I'll say this ...

I ain't buggin over the stereotypes go-go dancers get, I've heard 'em all and I break 'em all. Dance half nekkid inside a cage at the club and ur bound to get judged, it comes with the territory. That ain't my beef. My beef is with these so-called conscious daughters that wanna get all righteous on a mufucka as if they're better than the next woman. Preaching about sisterhood and how we should support one another ... yet are so quick to talk shit about sumthn they don't understand. Berating to the masses how we should think outta the box ... but stone those who dance on top of one. Like damn, did a go-go dancer run over ur puppy?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm not offended by the shit I hear 'cuz I know yall little girls ain't talkin bout me. But there are ways to NOT support something and get ur ideals across without talking shit about the opposition. If go-go dancers are sorry excuses for women ... is talking shit about them, judging them, and teaching other girls to hate them setting a better example?

Whatever. YOU need to worry about why ur man cheated on u for 3 years and ur the only one that doesn't know about it, and YOU need to check ur last Halloween costume 'cuz u wearin just about as much clothing as I am in this flic. Womp womp. Congratulations, yall just got verbally raped by this skank-ass, low class, unintelligent (ex) go-go dancer.


yoshi said...

gDAMN mamacita!!! you TELL'EM! i always wanted to be a go-go dancer... maybe that's why you'll always find me dancing on top of tables in vegas during the tradeshow... the only time i'll ever let loose lmao! props and represent FULL WOMANHOOD!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha you getsss it in miss go go dancer, it is what it is, gotta do what you can.

gotta learn not to underestimate people, females are bad about doing that to other females.

tina said...

im not even a gogo but it pisses me off when people talk shit. it makes me want to punch them in the face when they've slept with more people than the person they are calling a hoe... or they dance more provactively, pretty much sex with clothes on.. on the damn dancefloor while you do ACTUAL dance moves on a box.

it pisses me the fuck off. ... ok i'll stop i'm making myself mad.

and i know the immature thing would say "theyre just jealous cuz you flaunt what you got" or something along those lines. but its partly true. becuz it take a big nutsac to get up there and subject yourself to ridicule. and an even bigger one to move on to the next $50 or $100 the next day.(christine once had a drink thrown at her) you found a skill and have a pretty face (cuz we all know some gogos.. uh well yea) that you can make money off. i think its awesome. and am stillkinda sad you stopped.

anyway love you murse lover

ashley sade said...

i hella remember that photo. i actually miss the knockout queenz lol