Thursday, November 5, 2009


Beautiful. Intelligent. Talented. I still love u girl ... even if u are a homewrecker.


Se7en said...

The question is...

Would you still love her if you were in Mashonda's shoes though?

(Whom I have major respect for in keeping things very civil and handling the situation like a lady should)

Cheating is something that I really just think should never happen because there is so much control there.

Someone always has the power and decision in which to say no.

And the empowerment of women that Alicia was always preaching and was praised for... it is sad.

Perhaps she fell in love with Swizz, but as Mashonda said, she could have handled things very differently.

I could go on and on but I try not to judge, as you never know unless placed in someone else's shoes. But it just does not sit well with me. I have never and (God help me) hopefully will never cheat.

On a different note, I think her break-up with Kerry is the reason why her album got pushed back. He was a great producer and an integral part of the sound that we all came to know and expected from Alicia.

Swizz may be a hot producer in his own right (II), but there is just no way that he is producing classics for Alicia like Krucial did.

Mouf.Peace said...

O TRUST. i was more than heartbroken when i found out about the entire situation (lol as if i know any of them). a. keys was almost a role model. i didn't want to be her but she inspired me.

however, i no longer look up to her. being a homewrecker however, hasn't affected her musical genius. it's heartbreaking though because out of all people, u wouldn't "expect" someone with the stature and intelligence and morals of a. keys to get down like that.

i still love her MUSIC though. and, i doubt she got with swizz for his producing expertise. it's not like she was a struggling artist who needed someones' popularity to boost her sales. whatever the reason, i agree she shouldn't have gone about it the way she did. BUT honestly, she doesn't have to give a flying FUCK about mashonda. it wasnt alicia keys who promised her hand to her. it wasn't alicia keys who devoted her fidelity to her. it was swizzy.

i do think mashonda is doing a commendable job on being a lady about it all as well. i would've gotten ugly by now and gone against all my blogs i'm sure. but at the end of the day, alicia keys and swizz nor any human on earth can't control the way they FEEL. but they should've controlled their ACTIONS.

Mouf.Peace said...

o and on another note, while i don't condone alicia's behavior. i'm glad someone of her persona did what she did. because it always proves my theory on how women like say ... kim kardashain get so much slack. being called a ho and so on and so forth. for the mere fact theyre overtly sexy or dress skanky. when really, you don't know ANYTHING about them inside. it hits close to home. while i don't mind the assumptions people make of me for go-go dancing because i know it comes with the territory, it always pisses me off because u got fully dressed business woman who cheat and are hoes. image is NOTHING sometimes.

Se7en said...

"image is NOTHING sometimes."


"being a homewrecker however, hasn't affected her musical genius."

I do not know (which is why I brought up Kerry). I have heard a large portion of her new album and I am saying with all seriousness that I now believe Kerry was a larger part of that musical genius than anyone ever knew (including myself, whom has worked with Alicia a few times).

"but at the end of the day, alicia keys and swizz nor any human on earth can't control the way they FEEL. but they should've controlled their ACTIONS."

This is VERY true. You cannot control the way you feel - especially in love. But (and I am about to say a bit more than I probably should here) I have been placed in Alicia's shoes and have gone against what I felt for the respect of love/marriage/a relationship.

And it was always the right decision.

No one should ever wish to fall for someone whom is already taken or in a marriage AND have that person feel the same for you in return. But that is when I think you have to simply wait.

Swizz should shoulder some of the blame but Alicia must share in it as well. Because if I fell for someone whom was married... I would walk away. If they explained that they were no longer going to be with their spouse... well, I guess if your love was that strong and genuine... you would just have to wait until the ink DRIED on your divorce papers because talk is talk.

You would not hear from me at ANY time until those papers were signed.

Wrecking a marriage is not a good look. Regardless of whether or not the wrecking ball was already waiting outside for the signal to destroy it (which according to Mashonda... it was not).

But then again... we ALL make mistakes. And all you can do is learn from not only your own... but others (such as this one) and not make the same ones.

It is easier to judge than understand...

But I always try to understand.

Love is a powerful thing.

The HI Life said...

damn. i agree with what both of you are saying...about you cant help what you feel and that things should have been handled differently. After reading this:

it makes me think..didnt think that AK would do that. :/ things happen for a reason though right?

Se7en said...

@ HawaiiLove

"things happen for a reason though right?"

You hope so (especially in this case).

If you are supposed to see the good in bad situations... then at least Mashonda found out who Kasseem (Swizz) truly was. So I suppose if you look at it from that point of view... sort of a... "Why waste your love on someone undeserving of it?" Then yes, I would say this happened for a reason (a good reason).

But I cannot imagine her pain. She thought everything was fine... they have a child together.

It is just heartbreaking.

And it can either play out two ways:

1. Alicia and Swizz were meant to be together and their love will last a lifetime.

2. Swizz will cheat again (or perhaps Alicia will get involved with another married man).

Live and learn.

And funny how Alicia spoke of her ex (Kerry) with the same spiritual "love of her life" type thing.

Regardless, as Abi said...

" the end of the day, alicia keys and swizz nor any human on earth can't control the way they FEEL. but they should've controlled their ACTIONS."

And that is what it all comes down to in the end.

Anonymous said...

damn i didnt know bout AK...but overall it's a crazy/sad situation... yall have great points...and yes in the end things do happen for a reason and theyre only human, like us... jus sucks the way things played out sometimes... thats life for ya though... :/

great thoughts though :)

Visions through my retina said...

that fool was always a cheater and hes been wanting to divorce poor mashonda from the get, she just never wanted to leave..! how do i know....lets just say hes an old friend of mine...who i tried to convince to stay with her...guess he just wanted some better lovin...=X